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Thank you for your interest in writing for GetFreeEbooks

We welcome industry experts of the book / ebook industry, publishers, writers, readers, eReader users, etc. to share their thoughts, ideas, reviews or anything that is in your mind. Any latest news which is worth sharing? Write to us!

What Do You Get In Return?

Exposure, traffic and more subscribers!

  • Long term traffic – All guest posts are collected in a dedicated “Guest Posts” category, listed down at the top navigation bar for the highest exposure.
  • The best articles are often made sticky and stay on top of the front page for a couple of days, getting your article all the exposure it needs.
  • We receive over 300,000 unique visitors and over 4 million page views per month.
  • Free Social Media Promotion – All of our guest articles are also posted to our Facebook (80,000+ fans) and Twitter (1,500+ followers) pages which increase the chance of free social media viral promotion. All of our posts will be viewed by over 33,000 RSS readers and emailed out to over 44,000 of our confirmed Email subscribers.

Articles We Accept

Topics and writing styles

Try to avoid very general topics such as “What Are Ebooks?”, “How To Read Ebooks” etc. (basically anything that has been covered extensively on the net). Do not limit yourself to type of posts that only benefit authors / writers. Instead, as the site’s theme suggests, try to focus on points and information that are beneficial to readers as well.

We are looking for original and well-written articles on topics related to…

  • eReader Reviews.
  • Practical tips, tricks and how-tos.
  • Tutorials, step by step instructions.
  • Research and case studies.
  • Infographics.
  • Your personal experience / opinions as an Indie author / writer – e.g. from writing, creating your eBook cover to publishing, etc. or anything in general.
  • Latest trends / news.
  • Software, applications and any complementary tools that can be used in both reading in writing. (Review, experience, tips, etc.)
  • Some other specific topics that can be covered – eBook formats, eBook format creation process, eBook covers, etc.

Feel free to suggest additional topics which are not covered here.

Posts We Don’t Accept

Rejected formats / topics

  • Previously published in same/modified form on your / any other site
  • Self promotional posts for your product / service
  • Containing affiliate links / sponsored links
  • Containing links for unrelated sites
  • Links solely for purpose of anchor text for keyword SEO
  • Hidden info / Misrepresentation of facts
  • Linking out to banned sites / adult sites / redirects
  • Copyrighted content
  • Too short
  • Poor quality images
  • Not following formatting guidelines


Sample writing styles & topics


Tips & Tricks

Tools & Softwares

Lists / Compilations


Your guest post do’s and don’ts

  • We do not accept guest posts covering book / ebook reviews for both free and paid titles.
  • Try to contain the information you’re trying to convey within the post itself. Reduce as much as you can for the need for readers to visit multiple external sources / sites in order to comprehend what are you trying to say. List and display everything in the post you’re writing and allow every reader to digest it with the least amount of interruptions.
  • Always go through the site, familiarize yourself with the content and posting style before submitting a guest post. Browse through the samples listed above to get a better idea on what we’re looking for.
  • Infringes no copyright laws, either in terms of text or images, ensure that image is available for legal reuse (for example, under the Creative Commons license). Give the credit where it’s due. If you use an image or quote text from another source, always give full credit with an hyperlink. Never attempt to reuse and re-engineer someone else’s content or idea.
  • Your article needs to absolutely original (not posted anywhere else before – even at your own site / blog), and is able to be used exclusively over here at GetFreeEbooks.
  • Guest posts should have at least 600 words or more. There is no maximum limit – write as long as you need it to be, in order to convey your message. Try to avoid excessive fillers and introduction and focus more on the points. Break it into (1)Introduction (2)Body (3)Conclusion / Wrap Up.
  • Include screenshots with your articles whenever possible. Image enhances your presentation, so if you can throw in a catchy image within your post, that would be a great boost for your overall layout. Use JPG format for these images / screenshots and they can be of any size but should not be smaller than 728 pixels wide.
  • No affiliate links are allowed.
  • Links in the post body are allowed, but not excessively and only to sites which are related to the post.
  • Generally, when you submit your post, do include your title, subtitle, content, byline, images and any other supporting information that you need to include.

Standard rules

  • Be original and unique. Don’t write for us, write for our readers.
  • Use good structure and formatting.
  • Proof read and run a spell check. We accept both US / UK English variations.
  • Submit only RELEVANT posts. Please do not submit “Weight Loss” or “How to be a Matador” posts.
  • Do not try to promote or sell your products / websites in your post. Focus on your bio box / byline for this purpose.
  • Include all the information you can to complement your post – images, links, videos, etc.
  • Always participate actively when your post goes live. Reply to comments and provide help to any questions you receive from the commentators.
  • Do not be hostile if your guest post is not accepted. Instead ask for the reason why and try to improve yourself from there.

Byline / Bio Box

Who you are and what you do…

Bylines should be a sentence or two explaining who you are and what you do. Feel free to include up to TWO links in it. You may include additional links to your Twitter profile or your Facebook page here, which provide further exposure to your social channels. Your byline will appear at the bottom of your post, but we’ll also write a short introductory sentence that will include your main link at the top of the post. SEO anchor text is allowed.

We also need a personal photo of yourself. Do not use a cartoon character, your pet’s picture or any other images that do not identify yourself as a human being. A happy, smiley picture would be best.

Send us all your social media profile links.

Estimated Time of Approval & Editing

Processing time…

  • We will respond to your submission within 48 business hours to notify you if your article is accepted. Please allow a couple of days to a week or two for your guest post to be published. Basically, it all depends on the posting queue that we currently have.
  • We will also change titles, rework openings or conclusions, or correct grammar and spelling.
  • Occasionally, we’ll send a post back to you with suggested additions, omissions, or changes.
  • We have the right to decline any submission if it covers topics and information already covered on this site, or in any case – too general to be helpful or beneficial to our readers.

After Post is Published

Follow ups…

  • Readers may have feedback and questions after digesting your article. Try to follow up and reply any comments generated from it and participate as much as you can.
  • Feel free to further promote your post on social media sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Twitter, Facebook and share the article with your friends.
  • Post a link of this recently published post to your blog and inform your readers about it. This will help to showcase your guest blogging skills and they might invite you to guest blog too.

How to Submit

Send in your guest posts

  • Write your guest post in DOC format.
  • Ensure your article has proper paragraphing and has a proper flow. Create subheadings for easier reading.
  • Attach images separately in the email, as we will host them on our server.
  • Provide us with a photo of yourself so that we can include it in your byline.
  • Send your article (DOC) and images (JPG) to our email at submitebooks [at] gmail [dot] com, together with a short description about yourself and links to a few samples of your previous writings.

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