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Back to Incomplete

Back to Incomplete

Back to Incomplete by Grant Andrews

Back to Incomplete

by Grant Andrews

Learn to love the parts of yourself that make you unique. Open pathways to godliness in your life right now. Reach for awakening and growth in every moment of your life.

Back to Incomplete is aimed at bringing every part of your being into light and love, and facilitating your connection with the godliness around you and within you. It provides a challenging and enriching journey into your highest truth.

The ebook contains 40 chapters divided into three parts: ‘Self-Knowledge’, ‘The World’, and ‘The Meaning of Life’. Chapters range from topics like the body, mind, emotion and soul, to work, money love and sex, to universal concepts like courage, power, grace and the meaning of life.

Click on the link below to start downloading this free ebook:-
Back to Incomplete – 248 pages, 2.14MB (PDF)

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