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by Egan Yip

What if the whole world fell asleep… and couldn’t wake up?Meet Kevin. Just an average kid. But when he stays up all night to finish a history paper… he finds that a lonely world awaits him in the morning. Everyone is still asleep–his neighbors, his family, the school… the whole world. Everyone is asleep… and there’s nothing he can do to wake them up.Full of despair, Kevin sits on the curb, waiting for the end of the world to come, quickly and quietly. But just as he gives up on all hope, a talking dog and cat approach him. The pets are members of an alliance, the alliance of Household Pets, who are searching for a way to save their masters from this strange phenomenon.Soon, Kevin is dragged into a grand adventure as he assists the pets in searching for a cure. But just as they get closer to the truth…they are warned of a great danger: the wild animals of the forest are mobilizing… and they intend to keep the humans asleep… for good.With the help of a few drowsy classmates and some furry pals, Kevin must fend off hordes of wild animals while searching for a cure, or he too will fall asleep… and never awaken.

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Awake – 178 pages, 652kb (PDF)

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  1. Sh

    Thank you

  2. Amy

    This would be great if you could actually download the book. I’ve been put through 3 pages and numerous “download now” links- but no book….

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