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Author: John

62 Free Historical Fiction Web Serials and Ebooks

In this compilation, most of the compiled historical fictions are from the public domain and some are from well known authors such as Edward Bulwer-Lytton, G. A. Henty, Louis Tracy, Sir Walter Scott and Willa Cather. Have a good time immersing yourselves into the past with this collection of free reads.

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51 Reasons Why You Should Own An eReader

In this post, we’ve collected 51 reasons why you should own an ereader and embark upon the world of ebooks. The objective behind this post is definitely not to argue on the winner between the well-fought “books vs ebooks” question. Neither books nor ebooks are the winner here, as long as you read and continue reading. Have fun!

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What to Read – Mental Health in Literary Fiction Classics: A Psychiatry Resident’s Perspective

In no specific order, please find 19 literary fiction classics on mental health from a psychiatry resident’s perspective below. Do take note that this is not our typical “free ebook” compilation post, but more of a “What to Read” kind of post. However, a link will be provided should the book is freely and legally available.

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