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Author: John

3 Attack on Titan Video-Infographic and Manga Covers

The first video will cover the main characters as well as all of the titans, including how the powers were inherited and transferred to one another. Additional information such as physical attributes and current status (based on the manga) is also provided. The second video will cover all the character deaths, both humans and titans. The third and last will cover 100 of the popular manga covers and other fan-made cover designs.

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What to Read? 3 Best Books To Read For A Beginner, Veteran and Expert from Each Genre – Part 2

Books have a preferred writing style that makes comprehension easy for readers who have mastered a certain level of fluency in reading a language. This post’s main objective is all about that – breaking down books into 3 distinctive levels (Beginner, Veteran and Expert) for all genres imaginable. In this second post, we’ll be covering genres from Historical Fiction, Existential Narrative (fiction & non-fiction), Apocalyptic / Post-Apocalyptic, Magical Realism, Existentialist Philosophy, History of Esoterica, Stream of Consciousness, Coming of Age, Dystopian and Romance.

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74 Free Superhero Ebooks and Web Serials

Superhero stories help us cope with adversity in our own lives, allowing us to find meaning in loss and trauma, discovering our strengths and using them for good purpose. In this compilation, we’ve gathered 74 free superhero ebooks and web serials for your reading pleasure.

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Top 10 Favourite Book Collections: A Reading List Treasure for Those Who Are Searching What to Read Next – Part 1

Everyone has their own personal top list of favourite books. Some of them are the very inspiration from which this entire list have sprung up from. This post is a reading list, sharing the best books to read in various categories based on many hours of reading and research by the wonderful Redditors. You’ll find hundreds of good books to read, organized by category.

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