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Atomic Artist, And Other Groovy Tales

Atomic Artist, And Other Groovy Tales

Atomic Artist, And Other Groovy Tales

by Floyd Jones

A collection of short stories, poetry, comic strip art & more, featuring the story Atomic Artist, the tale of a drugged-out hippie who learns to harness the power of nuclear fission to help himself become one of the world’s most successful painters.

Also included are such tales as:

  • A Really Revolting Romance – Jose and Helga transform humdrum hanky-panky into a horrifying hullabaloo.
  • The Destitute Detective – the story of a private investigator who’s short on cash but long on moxie!
  • The Evil Brain Lives! – Adolf Hitler’s brain is revived, leading to hilarious high jinks.
  • My Vacation With O.J. (or, Horror on the High Seas) – O.J. Simpson goes on a Caribbean cruise.
  • Gilmore and Duke Meet Franklinstein – The boys meet a mad scientist in this unproduced screenplay.

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Atomic Artist, And Other Groovy Tales – 79 pages, 1.4 MB (PDF)

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