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Artist Management & Marketing – A Beginner’s Guide

Artist Management & Marketing – A Beginner’s Guide

Spotify changed everything. Daniel Ek should be sainted. Once streaming was born, you no longer needed your record label to keep pressing your CD and stocking it in Tower Records to see royalties. Streaming meant for life, you can now see income from your work. When the Artist dies, the publishing income continues for 70 years after the last person who wrote on the record died. This is not just a single coming anymore. This is the management of their asset portfolio, and their estate in death. Which may seem (hopefully) like a long way off now, but that’s as much of the job as anything else. Changing your mindset to understand this is vital for you to move in this business now. Long term ownership planning, protection and filing of assets is one of the more central elements of your business.

The ‘catalogue’ you build which is the list of songs you make, are worth in many cases more than a car or even a house EACH over the length of the time you can claim. You would not leave your family a load of cars with no registration receipts right? So why would you build a catalogue of songs of epic value for your pension and your family after death, and not have your s*** in order? The game has changed. Change your mindset.

Artist Management & Marketing - A Beginner's Guide

by Amy Thomson – PDF (153 pages), Read Online

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