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Artificial Intelligence Driven Design

Artificial Intelligence Driven Design

AI is without a doubt one of the most important themes of our times, one with the potential to have a huge influence on our future – the era of AI will change almost everything. Resources are needed to help us face future design challenges, such as how Artificial Intelligence will impact UX design, and how to design meaningful experiences in an era with AI-driven products & services.

Technology has always been the driver of great breakthroughs and innovations. As creators, we are currently living in one of the most exciting eras where technology is making enormous leaps forward. One of the most anticipated technological developments is around automation and Artificial Intelligence.

AI is a much used buzzword nowadays, surrounded by misconceptions and questions regarding its purpose and power. Apart from its known ethical and philosophical challenges, AI can be the catalyst for great user experiences. This chapter provides an outline of what AI is, what its current state is, and what design challenges experts face while designing for AI.

AI will undeniably shape the user experiences of tomorrow. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity to dive into this world and get to know its ins and outs.

In this Brain Food ebook we explore themes such as privacy, ethical design, the impact of notifications, personalized products and experiences, emerging design patterns, and how AI is changing design teams.

This ebook is free to download and will be published one chapter at a time.

Artificial Intelligence Driven Design

by Joël van Bodegraven (PDF) – 26 pages

Artificial Intelligence Driven Design by Joël van Bodegraven

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