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Ariel’s Dream

Ariel’s Dream

Dream remnants usually fade, but not this one. A shadow escapes from Ariel’s dream and stalks her in the real world. No matter how she tries to shake it off, it always returns. Even a mysterious old man and a boy bathed in light can’t keep its chill breath at bay. Like the fear that called it, the only way to defeat the shadow is to face it. T

Ariel’s Dream has received the Awesome Indies Seal of Excellence in Fiction. The book includes a short story and three chapters from Lethal Inheritance the next book in the Diamond Peak Series.

“Ariel wakes from a horrific dream to find that the demon it contained has not gone away. Heart-pounding chases and events ensue as she fights to face up to her enemy. Although this is a short story, the powerful writing makes it seem much more than that. It’s a brilliant read, particularly for YA fans of tales of urban fantasy and the paranormal.” – H Steel.

Ariel's Dream

by Tahlia Newland (All formats) – 9,180 words

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