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Arabella’s Secrets

Arabella’s Secrets

Arabella's Secrets

Arabella’s Secrets
by Timothy A. Boling

It was suppose to be their honeymoon. Nick Stone – renowned pothead, trouble-maker, and all around Good Guy – accompanied by his mentally unstable and very pregnant wife Laurie, take a trip to Nick’s birthplace – a tiny and forgotten little island called Arabella. Home to Spanish natives and retired Naval officers, Arabella is a hidden paradise to those who know of its existence.

The mysteries start as soon as they step foot on the island. Nick finds Arabella is now under the rule of an oppressing dictator whose wife mysteriously vanished, hell-bent on keeping the people of the island in the Dark Ages. But he has his reason.

Just about everyone on Arabella has their own secret. To each, it’s a secret that could destroy their lives. And they’ll do whatever necessary to keep Nick from finding out.

Thirty miles off the coast, a secret militant force plans their move. Only one person knows who they are and why they’re here. But no one knows their ultimate motive. They want the island.

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