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In the near future (or is it the present?) genetically engineered beings are a fact. One such being is named Cassandra and this is her story. It’s a story of experimentation and secrets, threatened death and government cover-ups, flight for freedom and survival and a story of animals.


If anyone knew the Compton Research Center even existed, all they knew was that it was located somewhere in Virginia. There were sciences being developed there that were so new and so controversial, that the general public didn’t even know they existed outside of sciencefiction stories.

One of the staff- Dr. Sarah Jackson- was head of the Department of Genetic Research. In her late twenties, with rich brown hair down to her shoulders, the grey pantsuit she wore fit to perfection beneath her lab coat as she began her day. She was just approaching her office when her fiancé, Dr. Michael Andrews, Head of the Cloning Department, called to her. “Sarah!”


by Madison Bruffy (PDF) – 65 pages, 14 Chapters, 1.4MB

Animals by Madison Bruffy