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Angelos Odyssey

Angelos Odyssey

Angelos Odyssey is an epic centered around a cast of diverse and psychologically complex characters who undergo story arcs while living in the Citadel.

The Citadel itself is an advance in human technology, having allowed an entire nation of millions to hover suspended above a world ravaged by conflict and the fallout from a prior apocalypse. The Citadel belongs to the Dawn Federation, who posit themselves as a civilization above all others; however, the characters in the story discover that human nature and its worst vices are inescapable.

The primary protagonist is Tavon, an assassin who uses his fists to eliminate targets as he struggles to rise to the lucrative rank of Death Officer 1 in the Angelos Association. His companions include: Brock, a failing paramedic and military veteran suffering from PTSD; Aaliyah, the Citadel’s most brilliant detective and possibly her Bureau’s most effective markswoman; Silo, an android hiding his identity while living out a double existence as the playboy CEO of a social media company; and Raiko, a confused youth imprisoned for attempting to save his friend’s life.

Angelos Odyssey

by J. B. M. Patrick (All formats) – 202,810 words

Angelos Odyssey by J. B. M. Patrick

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