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Alongside Night

Alongside Night

Alongside Night

by J. Neil Schulman

First published in 1979, J. Neil Schulman’s Alongside Night was referred to by the great Milton Friedman as ‘A cautionary tale with a disturbing resemblance to past history and future possibilities.’ Thirty years later those ‘future possibilities’ may be upon us. With ever-increasing governmental oversight of our lives and wallets Schulman’s fiction may soon be housed among non-fiction titles. Wiki’s overview of the book notes that ‘The story is set in United States on the brink of economic collapse, where inflation is spiraling out of control and the government struggles to keep hold of its power.’ –

‘Alongside Night is terribly accurate. Whenever the American crack-up boom happens, few libertarians would disagree with his outline of the scenarios. But Neil went one step farther than most of the libertarians of the time. He integrated the new science of countereconomics and the economic philosophy of Agorism, which I had only begun to develop in 1974…. When? You decide, dear reader; but you are now well armed to see the signs and know what actions to take. Thanks to Ludwig von Mises, a small band of rational revolutionary students, and J. Neil Schulman, artist.’ – Samuel Edward Konkin III.

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