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All Things Impossible: Sword of Pallens

All Things Impossible: Sword of Pallens

All Things Impossible: Sword of Pallens by D. Dalton

All Things Impossible: Sword of Pallens

by D. Dalton

Following some minor incidents with a vampire, an ancient talisman, and an enormous gold dragon, Derora Saxen has finally begun her training with the Silver Dawn Dragoons in this third novel of the series. Her lifelong dream of joining the world’s elite warriors is to come true, if she can survive the hardest military training on earth.

While their friend chases her destiny, Kelin, Thistle, and Thalon are fighting to protect Chloe, a young girl with the rarest of abilities. Having already defeated an evil wizard who coveted her power to cancel magic, they are now on the trail of a necromancer and his undead minions. But more terrifying than the undead is the apparition they witness deep in the Wild Lands. They know the wail of a Banshee means only one thing: one of them, or someone close to them, is going to die.

What they do not know is that, far away on the continent of Dosmar, an ancient power is stirring. That a missing treasure fleet and a series of mysterious natural phenomena are merely the clouds before the storm. That when the storm strikes, it will threaten everything and everyone they hold dear.

Amid the sudden onslaught, old friends and new comrades fight to save their world from destruction. But as they learn the awful truth about their enemy, another truth becomes increasingly clear: only one weapon in the world can stop him. And only Derora Saxen can wield it.

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