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All Things Impossible: Stone & Bone

All Things Impossible: Stone & Bone

All Things Impossible: Stone & Bone by D. Dalton

All Things Impossible: Stone & Bone

by D. Dalton

In this fourth novel of the All Things Impossible fantasy series, Derora Saxen leads her friends home to Riversbridge so that they can say their final farewell to Kelin. In the midst of celebration of a life and their victory over the Blackhound is when a new temptress comes for Tom.

Meanwhile, Commander Strival orders Jakkobb to take a vacation, and worse, to visit his mother in his faraway homeland. Not all eyes and ears are friendly to this information, and the chemmen may just be hunting our heroes from the shadows.

But everyone may all be unwilling and unknowing pawns in an unseen mastermind’s scheme. Someone who wants to bring Tom’s stone heart and the demon brother’s bones together to create a more dangerous foe than even the Blackhound.

They can only survive if they unite together as friends once more, but with Tom’s identity and loyalties being pulled in several directions, will he stay or keep his promise to disappear forever?

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