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Agile Inception in 60 minutes

Agile Inception in 60 minutes

As Agile coaches, we have noted that some problems re-surface again and again when it comes to adopting or transforming to an agile way of working. Therefore, we would like to share our experi-ences from various different customer projects.

To help organisations to handle these challenges, we base our strategies on the following questions:

  • How do you get started with product and release planning?
  • How do you accelerate your requirements work?
  • How do you scale agile to a multiteam and distributed context, and apply different strategies for agile adoption?
  • How do you wrap a minimal project structure around agile teams in a non-invasive way?

This book is about the pre-release planning stage. In an Agile context, this work collapses the boundaries between the aspects of business development and project management that haunt conventional, phase-based project life cycles. It contains strategies and techniques for accelerating business level output needed to initiate Agile releases and/or projects.

The more conventional discussions around this tends to be a very com-plicated tangle of perspectives, techniques and buzz words: pre-studies, business cases, business requirements from the perspective of project management, product management as well as from a pure line manage-ment/budgeting, resource planning perspective – you name it! And more to the point – how this is done in an agile context, are there any equivalent practices? Apparently, a more structured and rugged model could be of great use!

Introducing The Loop Approach, we will share our experiences on what we feel is a relevant tool box with different strategies for combining techniques to use for the Agile Inception work.

Agile Inception in 60 minutes

by Bea During & Hakan Kleijn (Online reading only) – 40 pages

Agile Inception in 60 minutes  by Bea During & Hakan Kleijn