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Adjust Everywhere

Adjust Everywhere

Conflicts will occur repeatedly in our life until we learn to adjust with others and this adjustment can be achieved through right understanding. Ultimately everyone has to adjust willingly or forcefully. With the right understanding, we can prevent conflicts and find peace and happiness. Life is nothing but a series of adjustments. From birth to death, you have to make adjustments.

Whether you enjoy studying or not, you have to adjust and study. Likewise, in married life, initially there is happiness, but later the husband or the wife has to make adjustments due to conflicts. These conflicts occur because of differences in their personalities. How many people in this age are fortunate enough to be able to adjust with others throughout their lives? Even between Rama and Sita, were there not many adjustments? Imagine the kind of adjustments Sita must have made when she was sent away to the forest, even when she was expecting a baby.

With parents and children there are adjustments every step of the way. If we adjust with understanding, there will be peace and we will not bind any karma. If we do not adjust to people around us, we will invite problems. This strategy of ‘Adjust everywhere’ is Dadashri’s master key, which opens all doors in life. If we use Gnani Purush Dadashri’s golden maxim ‘Adjust Everywhere’ and apply it in our life, then our everyday life will become beautiful.

Adjust Everywhere

by Dada Bhagwan (PDF, EPUB, MOBI, Audiobook) – 38 pages

Adjust Everywhere by Dada Bhagwan

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