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A-Z Of Entertainment Marketing

A-Z Of Entertainment Marketing

A new kind of guide through the marketing of the entertainment industry. With all the experience of reading a magazine and the informative nature of a dictionary, we bring you the hows and whys of the entertainment marketing from A to Z. From analytics to zombies, from survival of the cinema to social media’s impact on the entertainment industry – we’ve covered it all.


Collection and interpretation of data are crucial in any marketing activity – from market research to campaign analysis. Promotion is a big part of any entertainment project – be it a movie, TV show or an album release. As any promotional campaign, it is meant to build awareness, create buzz and generate interest of the target audience. It is not out of the ordinary for the campaign to start a few months, half a year, or even a whole year in advance.

The way social listening can be useful during this period is by tracking its success. As our ebook Media Analytics For Marketers explains, there are three parts to keeping track of your promotional activities using media monitoring: before, during and after the campaign.

“Pay attention to what the people and the press are talking about. Recognize emerging trends in conversations, what seems to be the thing attracting the most attention or causing disinterest or even outrage.” – Klara Gavran

A-Z Of Entertainment Marketing

by Mediatoolkit (PDF)

A-Z Of Entertainment Marketing

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