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A Time Travelers Guide to Istanbul

A Time Travelers Guide to Istanbul

This story takes place during one lunar cycle in the summer of 2013. A man takes his two daughters to one of the world’s great cities that exists in the center of history and our maps. Along the way they meet some fascinating characters, and explore the complex relationship between imaginary time, existentialism, Islam, Christianity, and the East and West. The sights and sounds of Turkey make this a fun journey for who ever decides to read this book. Reading this book will make you want to travel to Turkey. This is Luther Hughes’ sixth novel.


That was me back in 2013 driving my 1993 camper van down the Interstate into the night. We were far enough into that night that it was both too late and too early. Where were all those red taillights ahead of me heading? What story do the contents of all these vehicles cruising down the Interstate at this hour tell?

Our story begins in a camper van cruising down I-20 East near Grovetown, Georgia, and ends in Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey. This story begins in the middle of the night and ends in the middle of the day. The whole thing covers one lunar cycle in 2013. I wrote this story in 2015.

I am a time traveler.

A Time Travelers Guide to Istanbul

by Luther Hughes (All formats) – 123 pages

A Time Travelers Guide to Istanbul by Luther Hughes

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