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Seven Devils

Seven Devils

Seven Devils by Matthew Christopher Benner

Seven Devils

by Matthew Christopher Benner

Center City, Philadelphia – There is a plan to commit the largest terrorist attack on American soil. The only man with enough information to stop it has been found dead in his hotel room, both lungs disintegrated. But not before he got a single message out…

Mr. Ridley has a distinct life. His house is divided into three, with his brother and niece on one side and two retired porn stars on the other. He owns a bar, and a buffet, and a school where he teaches martial arts. The days are soft, warm, and he is content… until an old enemy walks into his buffet, takes the seat across from him, and sends his life spiraling with the message, ‘speak to Mans el-Ray Pasquale.’ From there, his journey will take him around the world in order to solve the mystery and prevent the worst bombing in US history.

With an unrelenting pace and a tongue firmly in cheek, SEVEN DEVILS is a thrilling adventure about one man’s fight to save his city, his family, and himself.

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