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A New Band A Day

A New Band A Day

A New Band A is one of the web’s premier sites for discovering new bands, with a great new band featured every day! Great distinctive writing has helped make A New band A Day the success it is, and in this free ebook you’ll find a compilation of all the best bands and writing from A New Band A Day.

So what’s in the book? The bands are arranged under loose headings, most of which have come from their tags from the website and may not actually have much to do with them at all. So pick any section you like and go with it. It’ll kill a lunchtime, at least. Some of the bands contained within you’ll like, some you’ll hate, but all of them are new and different.

Hope you enjoy it. If you do, feel free to email it to whoever you like!

Click on the link below to donwload this free review:-
A New Band a Day (PDF)

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