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128 Free Magic Fantasy Ebooks, Web Serials and Web Novels

Nothing gives you the mental freedom to escape your real life quite like good magic fantasy ebooks. There are many magical fantasy books out there, and it is not an easy task to choose the best ones. Because of that, and so you can have more books to enjoy, we have made a huge list of the 128 Free Magic Fantasy Ebooks, Web Serials and Web Novels for you to choose from. These ebooks are not sorted in any particular order (except alphabetically), because we find them all to be great, and we will let you decide which one is better for you.

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87 of the Top Wikis on the Internet Today

This compilation contains a list of notable websites that use a wiki model. A total of 87 of the top wikis on the internet today from various topics and languages are listed down. You’ll find wikis on music, mathematics, parodies, gaming, genealogy, pop culture, place, gardening, and many many more. The content within all of these wikis carry different licenses, so please do verify on their licensing terms should you wish to extract certain piece of information from them.

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171 of the Best Online Encyclopedias from Various Categories and Languages

This list will include 171 online encyclopedias covering general interest, biography, arts, literature, pop-culture, fiction, mathematics, religion, science, medical, etc. from different countries and languages. Most of them will be free, but some will require a subscription or a simple registration to access their database. Happy browsing and we hope this helps in your knowledge hunting adventure.

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252 Best Sci-Fi Books and Movies of All Time

This list will cover various popular titles from novels covering 17 sub-genres, short stories to movie / tv series and comic books. Goodreads and IMDB ratings and links are provided for your further reference. The resources you’ll find here are not entirely free but more of a list of reference or “what to read” or “what to watch” within the sci-fi world.

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