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A Field Guide to Genetic Programming

Genetic programming (GP) is a collection of evolutionary computation techniques that allow computers to solve problems automatically. Since its inception twenty years ago, GP has been used to solve a wide range of practical problems, producing a number of human-competitive results and even patentable new inventions.

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Introduction to the Objective Caml Programming Language

This document is an introduction to ML programming, specifically for the Objective Caml (OCaml) programming language from INRIA. OCaml is a dialect of the ML (Meta-Language) family of languages, which derive from the Classic ML language designed by Robin Milner in 1975 for the LCF (Logic of Computable Functions) theorem prover.

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Start Programming Now

This book is the bare minimum guide helping you to start programming from scratch. In almost anything, the hardest part is to get the ball rolling. After reading this book you will be comfortable with programming.

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