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81 Free Political eBooks That Will Help You Understand The World We Live In

81 Free Political eBooks That Will Help You Understand The World We Live In

Most people will agree that we’re in an unprecedented era of world politics, from unorthodox president and the rise of social activism – so brushing up on your politics is a good idea if you want to be a meaningful part of any political conversation. Politics (from Greek πολιτικός, “of, for, or relating to citizens”), is a process by which groups of people make collective decisions. It can also be observed in other group interactions, including corporate, academic, and religious institutions. It consists of “social relations involving authority or power” and refers to the regulation of public affairs within a political unit, and to the methods and tactics used to formulate and apply policy.

To help you further with political education, we’re hitting the ebooks. You’ll notice this list is a bit unconventional, and it doesn’t include any of the top or popular political books. That’s because we are listing down political education materials which are free and accessible to everyone. Here are free 81 political ebooks that will help you sharpen your political know-how, no matter which side of the political spectrum you fall on. Explore the ideas that shape our world and the people and movements behind them and find the perfect gift for those who want to understand our turbulent times and where we’re headed next.

Political Science

  1. A People’s Politics by Keat Peng Goh
  2. A Theory of Governance by Mark Bevir
  3. ABC of Diplomacy by Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
  4. After the New Social Democracy: Social Welfare for the 21st Century by Tony Fitzpatrick
  5. America at Century’s End by Alan Wolfe
  6. American Government and Politics in the Information Age by D.L. Paletz, D. Owen, T.E. Cook
  7. Capitalism 3.0: A Guide to Reclaiming the Commons by Peter Barnes
  8. Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics by George Reisman
  9. Conservative Debate Handbook by William Flax
  10. Constitutional Fundamentals by H.W.R. Wade
  11. Controlling Bureaucracies: Dilemmas in Democratic Governance by Judith Gruber
  12. Corruption and Anti-Corruption by Peter Larmour, Nick Wolanin
  13. Data Analysis for Politics and Policy by Edward R. Tufte
  14. Democracy and Moral Development by David L. Norton
  15. Democracy and Power: The Delhi Lectures by Noam Chomsky
  16. Democracy and Revolutionary Politics by Neera Chandhoke
  17. Democracy in Brief by George Clack
  18. Elements of Political Communication by Wikibooks
  19. Extreme Democracy by Jon Lebkowsky, Mitch Ratcliffe
  20. Governance Through Social Learning by Gilles Paquet
  21. Healing Our World: The Other Piece of the Puzzle by Mary J., Ph.D. Ruwart
  22. High-Tech Europe: The Politics of International Cooperation by Wayne Sandholtz
  23. Power and Market: Government and the Economy by Murray Rothbard
  24. Reassessing the Presidency : The Rise of the Executive State and the Decline of Freedom by John V. Denson
  25. Scientific Method of Elections by Richard Lung
  26. Secrets of State by Barry Rubin
  27. The ABCs of Human Survival: A Paradigm for Global Citizenship by Arthur Clark
  28. The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality by Ludwig Von Mises
  29. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels
  30. The Dilemmas of Engagement: The role of consultation in governance by Jenny Stewart
  31. The Dropping of the Atomic Bomb: Truman’s True Intentions by Dominick Abel Severance
  32. The Economics of Liberty by Llewellyn H. Rockwell
  33. The End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive by Dean Baker
  34. The God of the Machine by Isabel Paterson
  35. Theory of Socialism and Capitalism: Economics, Politics, and Ethics by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
  36. Thinking About Politics: American Government in Associational Perspective by Paul F. deLespinasse
  37. UK Constitution and Government by Wikibooks
  38. Understanding the Constitution by Dennis AuBuchon
  39. United States Human Expedition by Timothy Rodgers