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80AD – The Tekhen of Anuket (Book 3)

80AD – The Tekhen of Anuket (Book 3)

80AD - The Tekhen of Anuket (Book 3) by Aiki Flinthart

80AD – The Tekhen of Anuket (Book 3)

by Aiki Flinthart

80AD Book 3 finds Phoenix, Jade and their companions in 80AD Egypt. Rome has conquered the country and all is not peaceful. This adventure is the most insane yet. It has everything you’d expect plus some: mummies, secret passages, treasure, an evil high priest, human sacrifice, walking undead and more. Can our heroes release the imprisoned goddess, Anuket, to complete Level 3?

80AD Book 3 opens with Phoenix, Jade, Marcus and Brynn trapped inside a pyramid in ancient Egypt. No pharaohs here, this is Egypt as you’ve never see it. Rome has taken over and the country is far from peaceful.

Together they must escape the clutches of the high priest of the Egyptian god, Set and release the imprisoned goddess of the Nile, Anuket.

Without Anuket, Egypt suffers endless drought and the country will die. An ancient prophecy predicts ‘the Phoenix’ to be the savior of Egypt, but our Phoenix doesn’t think he’s up for it.

To make matters worse, Phoenix and Jade’s old enemy, Feng Zhudai, is manipulating the Roman leader of Egypt, weaselling his way into things, trying again to upset the balance of this world by causing chaos.

If they fail to release Anuket and the Nile, Feng Zhudai will win this round and trap them in Level 3 of the game forever.

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