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8 Free Inspirational, Personal Development & Self-Help Ebooks

8 Free Inspirational, Personal Development & Self-Help Ebooks

Trans4Mind offers a wealth of free personal development resources which will help you advance on an exciting path of holistic growth and wellbeing. Among these collection of free inspirational resources are mostly mind related topics covering on positive thoughts, emotional intelligence, relationships and other words of wisdom. All of the downloadable free ebooks are in PDF format and require no registration – browse and download. Besides free ebooks, Trans4Mind also provides podcasts, articles, courses and quote collections, so be sure to browse through and see if there are any other items which may interest you. The title that you’ll find in this collection are:-

  1. The Positive Approach (30 lesson personal growth course) by Peter Shepherd (PDF – 97 pages)
  2. Transforming the Mind (the full book) by Peter Shepherd (PDF – 275 pages)
  3. Optimum Nutrition: Medicine of the Future by Peter Shepherd (PDF – 80 pages)
  4. Communication & Relationships Course by Peter Shepherd (PDF – 39 pages)
  5. Emotional Intelligence by Peter Shepherd (PDF – 64 pages)
  6. Words of Wisdom (Inspirational Quotes) by Ed. Peter Shepherd (PDF – 77 pages)
  7. Mind Mastery: A Toolbox for Mind Change by Ken Ward (PDF – 265 pages)
  8. Self-Help Secrets Revealed by Maurice Turmel, PhD (PDF – 67 pages)

8 Free Inspirational, Personal Development & Self-Help Ebooks

by Trans4Mind (PDF)

The Only Option - Win More Client Work than You Need, by Being Indispensable by Alex Mathers

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