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7 Steps on How You Can Read Faster

7 Steps on How You Can Read Faster

“You will get little or nothing from the printed page if you bring it nothing but your eye.” – Walter B. Pitkin

Everybody wants to read faster. Faster reading speed simply means more materials to read, which equals more awesome adventures and more information in a shorter span of time. However, not all of us are bestowed with the gift of speed reading. This post will try to tackle this issue and hopefully will give you a basic idea on how to start getting that gear changed at a proper and reasonable rate. Happy reading!


7 Steps on How You Can Read Faster

  1. Read every day and set a goal for each day. E.g. 40 pages / day, etc.
  2. Patience – Improved reading speed & comprehension doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and a lot of practise.
  3. Start by reading slower, not faster. When you read slowly, you notice details, you make connections, and your reading skills will improve.
  4. Read slightly faster than you’re comfortable with. Once your reading skills improve, read faster. If you stick at your normal pace, you’re allowing your mind to wander.
  5. Balance – Reading speed needs to be proportionate to the amount of content you absorb.
  6. Experiment with other genres. Interest generates excitement, which promotes better concentration. Choose a genre that suites you best.
  7. Reading environment – Read at a location or setting that you’re most comfortable with. Speed will come naturally once your mind tunes in with the surroundings.

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