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53 Free Storyboard Templates for Your Video Production, Moodboards or Any Other Planning Needs

53 Free Storyboard Templates for Your Video Production, Moodboards or Any Other Planning Needs

Storyboards more often than not, are generally connected to storyline planning for the film industry and any type of video productions. Generally that is. I’m pretty sure all of us have been utilizing storyboards for a plethora of other uses in various planning activities, and this post may just be able to aid you in that department. This post compiles over 53 resources in which you can download printable storyboards in various formats, in which some of those are totally customizable before you decide to print. Either use the softcopies to plan digitally or simply print them and draft it out using your arsenal of pens and pencils. Regardless, I believe this list will definitely provide a pretty unlimited room of experimentations on your story planning stages, perhaps not just for yourself but also for the consumption of others.

Have a great time browsing them, and do have lots of fun planning whatever it is you’re about to plan. And of course, stay safe!

53 Free Storyboard Templates for Your Video Production or Any Other Planning Needs

  1. 40+ FREE storyboard templates by (PDF, PSD, Word, PPT)
  2. FREE Storyboard Templates & Story board Creator by (PDF, PSD, PPT, DOCX)
  3. 60+ Storyboard Templates by (PDF)
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  13. Free Storyboard Template by (PDF, DOC, PPT, AI, Google Docs, Google Slides)
  14. Free Storyboard Template for Film and Video Projects by (PDF)
  15. Free 34+ Free Storyboard Samples by (PDF, DOC, Apple Pages)
  16. 72 Free Storyboard Templates for eLearning by (Various formats)
  17. Storyboard Template by (DOC)
  18. Free Set of 10 Storyboard Templates by (PDF – Requires email)
  19. Free Storyboard Template by (PPT)
  20. Free Storyboard Template by (PDF)
  21. Beautiful Storyboard Examples for Students, for Kids and General Usage by (PDF)
  22. Create Beautiful, Shareable Storyboards in Minutes by (Online)
  23. Free Visual Storyboards by (DOC, PPT)
  24. Create a storyboard online using Miro’s infinite canvas, toolkit, and pre-ready templates by (Online)
  25. 38 Free Storyboard Templates by (DOC, PPT)
  26. 8-Panel Storyboard Template by (DOC)
  1. Free Simple Storyboard Template for PowerPoint by (PPT)
  2. Free Storyboard Templates for e-Learning by (PDF, DOC – Various Sources)
  3. Free InDesign Storyboard Templates by (IDML)
  4. A Comprehensive and Easy to Follow Storyboard Template by (DOC)
  5. Free customizable storyboard template by (EDDX, PDF)
  6. 6 Free Printable Storyboard Template for Video & Movie/Film by (PDF)
  7. Illustrator Storyboard Template by (AIT – Illustrator Template)
  8. Free Storyboard Tutorial and Download for Indesign and Illustrator by (IDML, AI)
  9. Storyboard Template For Kids by (PDF)
  10. StoryBoarder App by (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux)
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  17. Free Powerpoint Storyboard Template by (PPT)
  18. 11 of the Best Storyboard Templates & Creative Story Writing Resources by (Various formats)
  19. Free InDesign Storyboard Template for Advertising by Storyboards & Film Treatment Templates (IDML)
  20. Downloadable Storyboard Templates for Broadcast Journalism by (PDF)
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  22. Free Visual Storyboard Template by (PPT)
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