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5 Free Pets & Kids Ebooks by Bel Richardson

5 Free Pets & Kids Ebooks by Bel Richardson

Bel Richardson has 5 free awesome kids and pets ebooks ready to be read. You can get your kids to read or you can just simply read to them. If you don’t have any pets yet, perhaps this is a sign to get one :D. His ebooks are hosted by BookBotKids and are totally free as they’re funded by the passionate community who believe in creating an extensive library of decodable readers to inspire and bring confidence to children learning to read.

  • Explorer Ella’s Magic Forest– Wonderful insects and mystical plans lead Explorer Ella to the best surprise ever! Discover what it is in this magical new story.
  • Pups– For those who prefer canines as their furry friends, we have pups in cups and pups in the rain. Even pups that have stepped out for a poop!
  • Cats– There are cats who are mad and cats who are sad. Slinky cats and tricky cats. Cuddle cats and nap cats.
  • Dogs– Dogs on sand and dogs in snow. Dogs running about all over. This book provide lots of opportunities to talk about the joys and responsibilities involved in owning a dog.
  • Hats– Get your reader thinking about sun safety and the different things that we use hats for.

5 Free Pets & Kids Ebooks by Bel Richardson

by Bel Richardson (PDF) – 5 ebooks

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