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46 Free Online Maps

46 Free Online Maps
Your choice of mapping tool really depends on how you plan your trips and how you use your maps. Do you prefer to plan your trips on your computer at home, or do you rely on your phone for the majority of your navigation and planning? In recent years, the popularity of digital maps and the use of digital mapping technologies has exploded. While Google is still the leader when it comes to maps, there are now many other companies in the map technology industry. It’s not surprising that digital maps are so popular; they can be useful, educational, beautiful, and entertaining.

In this list, you’ll find online maps ranging from 3D Earth, Accessibility, Accommodation, Airspace, Catastrophes, Food, General, Historic, Mars, Mercator Projection, Milky Way, Moon, Nightsky, Outdoor, Public Transport, Satellites, Sea, Sights, Solar System, Street View, Topography, Train, Universe and Weather.

Among these maps you can find mapping capabilities that include interactive and static maps, animated maps, geocoding, travel and transit directions, elevation data, traffic flow and more. The following list highlights the features of various maps so that you can choose the perfect mapping tool for your situation.

General Purpose

  1. – General purpose map with various possibilities.
  2. HERE WeGo – Maps, navigation and routes.
  3. OpenStreetMap – The free wiki world map.

3D Earth

  1. Google Earth – 3D view of the earth in space.
  2. Dark Sky Map – 3D earth with different data layers.


  1. Wheelmap – Wwheelchair-accessible places.


  1. Open Camping Map – World map of camping sites.


  1. Flightradar24 – Real time flight tracker map.


  1. Earthquake Track – Map of earthquakes.
  2. Forest Watch – Monitoring of forest and land fires.
  3. Live Cyber Threat Map – Live map of cyber attacks.
  4. NUKEMAP – Simulate explosions of nuclear weapons.


  1. mundraub – Edible plants and fruits worldwide.
  2. McBroken – Is the McDonald’s Ice Cream machine broken?


  1. Old Maps Online – Historical maps around the world.
  2. Mapire – Portal for historical maps.


  1. Mars Trek – NASA exploration portal for the mars.

Mercator Projection

  1. The True Size Of – Compare the relative size of countries.

Milky Way

  1. 100,000 Stars – Interactive visualization of the stellar neighborhood.


  1. Moon Trek – NASA exploration portal for the moon.


  1. Stellarium Web – Virtual online planetarium.


  1. OpenCycleMap – Global cycling map for overview and planning.
  2. Komoot – Route planner for hiking, cycling and running.

Public Transport

  1. OpenRouteService – Poute planner for directions, isochrones and places.
  2. Mapnificent – Dynamic public transport travel time maps.


  1. ISSTracker – Real-time location tracking of the international space station.
  2. Satellite Map – Current position and trajectory of 16,000 manmade objects orbiting the earth.


  1. OpenSeaMap – Free nautical chart.


  1. OpenTripMap – Map service for sightseeing and travel planning.
  2. Wikimapia – Editable map of marked places.
  3. AlleBurgen – Castles, palaces and fortified buildings in Europe.

Solar System

  1. 3D Solar System Simulator – Orbits of planets and more than 150 comets and asteroids.
  2. Solar System Scope – Solar system, night sky and outer space in real time.

Street View

  1. Mapillary – Street-level imagery, powered by collaboration and computer vision.
  2. Street View – 360 degree views of various places.


  1. OpenTopoMap – Free topographic maps.


  1. OpenRailwayMap – Free map of the world’s railway infrastructure.
  2. – Live train tracking for Germany, Austria, Switzerland Netherlands, and Belgium.
  3. Rail Radar – Real time movements of trains in the UK.
  4. Track Your Train Map – Live train tracking in the US.


  1. The Universe in 3D – Interactive 3D map of the universe.


  1. Windfinder – Wind forecasts, wind radar, wind force and weather.
  2. Windy – Wind map, weather forecast and more than 40 other layers.
  3. Real Time Lightning Map – Lightning strikes in real time across the planet.
  4. OpenWeatherMap – Interactive weather maps.
  5. openSenseMap – Open environmental sensor data all over the world.