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44 Sites with Hundreds of Free Short Stories

44 Sites with Hundreds of Free Short Stories

Reading is not for everyone since not everyone has the time, patience, or interest to do so. However, if you could read anything with an ending that occurs sooner rather than later, you’ll be more likely to start. Indeed, short story writers are constantly balancing between exploring their concepts, adding a cast of characters, and wrapping it up in a few pages, so you don’t have to plough through a three-act structure to get that sense of closure.

Quality short stories tend to accomplish a lot and take readers on emotional roller coasters in the time it takes you to order a coffee. To get you to build trust in the character and take readers for an emotional spin in such a short time span is tough, and that’s what separates the best, high quality short stories from mediocre ones. Short stories are also a great way to sample a genre or an author. Most short story collections contain a variety of stories which can help you figure out if you enjoy a certain writing style, voice, or even worldview.

Here are 44 Sites with Hundreds of Free Short Stories to help you get back into the reading groove, whether you have a short attention span or are just searching for a palate cleanser while in between longer novels or book series. Most of them are highly addictive. Many are very short and the majority of these can be read directly from your phone.

44 Sites with Hundreds of Free Short Stories

  1. .fictions. by Laura Jones
  2. Adam Maxwell’s Fiction Lounge by Adam Maxwell
  3. Aethereal Engines by Jason H. Abbott
  4. All books by Arthur Conan Doyle
  5. All Kinds of Things Kill by Robert R. Best
  6. Alone by Jason Thornton
  7. Amusement Only by Richard Marsh
  8. Canyons of Steel by Tim Holtorf
  9. Children of Men by Rudolph Edgar Block, Bruno Lessing
  10. Dark Icon Original Fiction by Dark Icon
  11. Devil Stories by Maximilian J. Rudwin
  12. Fabled Hearts by SnowyMystic
  13. Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm
  14. flesh phantoms by Alan P. Scott
  15. Fresh Monsters by Mike
  16. Grin The Cheat by mooderino
  17. In This Twilight by Al Bruno III
  18. Koch Fiction by Kevin Koch
  19. Lailani Stories by Caelonna
  20. Latolan by Ashe Thurman
  21. Life In Motion by Von L Cid
  22. Many Words by Jay Slater
  23. Material Things by Kody Boye
  24. Matilda Raleigh by Chrys Kelly
  25. Microstories by Daniel Brako
  26. Milestones -1 by Gyanban
  27. Nomesque Fiction by Naomi Kramer
  28. North of Reality by Uel Aramchek
  29. Overwatch by Taulsn
  30. Password Incorrect by Nick Name
  31. Peculiar Memories by Jason Macias
  32. Pure Fiction by Kathleen Maher
  33. Rebirth in Darkness by Shroudphoenix
  34. Running Scared by Various Authors
  35. Shifti by Various
  36. Suki the Pixie by Pete Chown
  37. Tales From A Thousand Worlds by Qorvus
  38. Tales from Helitheren by Sanlade and RcaH
  39. Tales from the Oddside by Al Bruno III
  40. The Best Short Stories of Cliff Burns (1985-2009) by Cliff Burns
  41. The Book of Dreams and Ghosts by Andrew Lang
  42. The Entire Original Maupassant Short Stories by Guy de Maupassant
  43. The Galactic Series by Chelsea Tractor
  44. The Slush Pile by Hal Matthews

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