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4 Spirituality Ebooks by Tai Sheridan

4 Spirituality Ebooks by Tai Sheridan

4 Spirituality Ebooks
by Tai Sheridan

All ebooks listed below are available in EPUB, MOBI, PDF, RTF, LRF, PDB, HTML, JAVA, TXT.

  1. Celestial Music: Sutras of Emptiness (20 pages, 80KB)
    Zen Priest and Poet Tai Sheridan presents modern interpretations of the Lotus, Diamond, Heart Wisdom, and Loving Kindness Sutras in easy to read and inspirational verse.
  2. The Light of the Ancient Buddhas:Ballads of Emptiness and Awakening (20 pages, 80KB)
    Keizan’s thirteenth century “Denkoroku”, The Transmission of the Light, is a sophisticated Zen fairytale about enlightenment and the empty ground of Being. Keizan uses archetypal myths, legends, and dreams to describe the luminous and awakened Zen mind.
  3. Snow Falling in Moonlight: Odes in Praise of Dogen’s Shobogenzo (20 pages, 80KB)
    Dogen (1100-1153) is the grandfather of Soto Zen. Zen Priest and poet Tai Sheridan has transformed twelve of his spiritual essays from the Shobogenzo (The Treasury of the True Dharma Eye), into poems about non-dual wisdom, luminous mind, loving kindness, and Zen practice.
  4. Rice Eyes: Enlightenment in Dogen’s Kitchen (20 pages, 80KB)
    A poetic presentation of Dogen’s essay Tenzo Kyokun, Instructions to the Cook, by Zen Priest and Poet Tai Sheridan. ‘Rice Eyes’ is a metaphor for the non-dual world, the essential Buddhist experience of oneness.

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