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4 Online Novels by Duke Stevens

4 Online Novels by Duke Stevens

Gold in The Morning Sun
Tess Gallagher stood slightly away from the curtains of her window and watched the man working on the roof of the cabin across from her unit.Her brown eyes moved slowly between the photograph in her hand and the man on the roof.  She seemed to be wondering if the man in the photograph and the man on the roof were one and the same person.

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Gold in The Morning Sun (HTML)

Out of Dust
Her hair was dark and gleaming flowing softly to her shoulders curling slightly at the ends.  The cut had been feathered in blending layers away from the gentle lines of her face.  Her head was bent in concentration while she carefully examined the illustration lying on the desk.

He stood by the door reluctant to interfere with her absorption.  She sighed and without looking up from the sheet in front of her reached out and found a drawing pencil, bringing it back to slash dark lines across the top of the diagram she was working on.

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Out of Dust (HTML)

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A Mountain Too High
The woman was sitting alone by the seashore on a bright morning in April.  She sat motionless on a white plastic beach chair staring out toward the far horizon. The man in the car sipping his hot coffee let his eyes linger on her for long minutes.

A look of deep contemplation had slowly settled on her face.  The man had no way of knowing that her mind had surrendered to an earlier resisted mental journey she knew she must take.  It had brought her here to look at it more closely without distraction.

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A Mountain Too High (HTML)

Hit The Sand Running
He saw her seem to fly off the pier and hit the sand running.  A whirl of pumping legs and windmill arms. To the man lying on the beach-towel, her face held an expression of fear. Quickly rejecting the idea, he wondered if her flight might not be anything more than a subliminal sexual fore-play being acted out in fun. At any moment he might see her laughing beach-buddy leaping over the side of the pier in playful hot pursuit.

No one came after her.

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Hit The Sand Running (HTML)