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4 Free Motivational, Inspirational and Christian Ebooks

4 Free Motivational, Inspirational and Christian Ebooks

LifeWay provides biblical solutions and services to support the Church in Her mission to make disciples. Currently LifeWay has 4 free ebooks available for download ranging from 20 Happy Mother’s Day Posters, Fearless in Battle, 10 Free Prayer Posters and Stand Firm.

Stand Firm
Stand Firm: Let Nothing Move You is a 365-day devotional that will equip men to be godly leaders in their homes, churches, and communities. Readers are encouraged to cultivate the discipline of daily Bible reading, to keep their commitments, and to honor their responsibilities.

20 Happy Mothers Day Posters
This Mother’s Day, you may not be able to take her out to dinner, buy her flowers, or show her the sights of the city. But you can still show her how much you love her. We are making all our Mother’s Day Cards available to you for free.

Fearless in Battle: Get 2 chapters for Free
“Be prepared for the worst, your daughter isn’t going to make it,” said the doctor. I froze! In an instant, my strength left me. As parents, we felt hopeless and helpless. Yet in that precise moment, we cried out to God. Would He hear? Would He answer? Would our daughter survive? I invite you to join me, as I trace the hand of God through my daughter’s fight for life. As you read this book, I believe that you will discover not just answers to tough questions but a coping strategy for life’s adversities.

We Are Praying for You : 10 Free Prayer Posters

4 Free Motivational, Inspirational and Christian Ebooks

by LifeWay India (PDF)

4 Free Motivational, Inspirational and Christian Ebooks

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