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4 Free Fantasy Ebooks by Madison Bruffy

4 Free Fantasy Ebooks by Madison Bruffy

Madison Bruffy emerged again with his latest creative releases of his fantasy comics. Still within the Dickess universe, do enjoy 4 comics within this collection, all viewable and downloadable in PDF formats. While you’re at his DeviantArt’s page, feel free to browse around his other works.

  • Dickess: A Long Way from Kansas– Arrow and April are caught in a gravity well and are thrown back in time. Stranded in the twentieth century, they struggle to find a way home.
  • Dickess: Family Affairs” and “Dear Diary– Two stories in one – in ‘Family Affairs’, CJ has to deal with a twenty-five year old wound she thought was healed. In ‘Dear Diary’, We see the series through a year of Arrow’s diary entries.
  • Dickess: A Vegan Overture– M.O.A.T. makes its move, bringing April in search of her father. Kiton and Con are sent to Earth to find any connections between M.O.A.T. and former Wayison Emperor Tolk. The Vegans arrive and Arrow finds herself forced to take the fight to them.
  • Dickess: Altered Lives– One quest ends after a five year search and another begins even as lives are changed forever.
  • Browse through the rest of Madison’s comics

4 Free Fantasy Ebooks by Madison Bruffy

by Madison Bruffy (PDF) – 4 Comics

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