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3,700 Free ebooks

3,700 Free ebooks

Bang me on the head for missing this, but The National Academies Press has a site which hosts 3,700 ebooks that can be read free online. First impression indicates that this is probably another online ebook store judging by the “Items in Cart” text at the top right. However, the books listed within the site are in fact free to be read online. Viewers are given the option to purchase the print / paperback version for a reasonable price.

This site requires that you “register” in order to access the goodies, including  the summary PDF’s,  related podcasts for the title, and many more. Register in this context points to filling up a simple form asking for your email, country and other items which can be done in a heartbeat. Once that’s done, a cookie will be placed in your computer, telling the site that you can now from now onwards download the free ebooks. So don’t worry if you’re under the impression that you have to fill up a page long form just to gain access to the downloadable PDFs.

The ebooks within this site are mostly educational, touching from science, engineering, evolution, biology, computers and many many more. Jump over to this site and check it out.

Click on the link below to check out the site.
National Academies Press