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35 Free Printable Calendars of Various Layouts & Designs

35 Free Printable Calendars of Various Layouts & Designs

As technology influences and dictates our progress in life these days, it provides us various options in organizing our schedules in the coming days, weeks, months and even years. Technology advancement makes our calendaring and scheduling tasks easier with reminders and synching capabilities, freeing up more time for us to focus on other essential things. Nonetheless, there are still some of us who prefer the old-school pen and paper method in getting our reminders, things to do and activities all written out on a physical paper. This is where this post comes in, to aid you in your everyday conquest of streamlining all your items that need attention.

These templates or worksheets come in various designs, layouts, formats, features and even colours. Do take note however that some of these templates may not reflect on the year we’re currently in as they were designed quite some time ago, but the layout is still applicable for any form of planning and note taking. Some sites are even equipped with online customization features to further customize your calendars before you can download and print. Lots of features to explore and feel free to choose the one that suites you best. Happy planning and stay safe!

35 Free Printable Calendars of Various Layouts & Designs

  1. Monthly & Yearly 2020 PDF Calendar by (PDF)
  2. Blank PDF 2020-2021 Calendar by (PDF)
  3. Print, share, or save blank calendar or add your own events or holidays by (PDF)
  4. Printable 2020 Calendars by (PDF)
  5. Free Printable Calendars in a variety of colors and formats. Print a free monthly, yearly or blank calendar. by (PDF)
  6. Printable 2019-2020 Calendar by (PDF)
  7. 2019 and 2020 Free Printable Calendars by (PDF)
  8. 8 Stylish Free, Printable Calendars for 2020 by (PDF)
  9. Free Blank PDF Calendar by (PDF)
  10. Free 2020 Printable Calendars – 46 Designs to Choose From by (JPG)
  11. Free 2020 Monthly PDF Calendars (1901 to 2038) by (PDF)
  12. Printable 2020 Calendars (Various Designs) by (PDF, DOC)
  13. 2020 Printable Calendar for Kids by (PDF)
  14. Free Printable Calendars and Planners (2020 – 2022) by (PDF, PNG)
  15. 17 Free Printable Calendar Templates by (PDF, DOC, XLS)
  16. Free Printable Blank Calendar (Monthly and Yearly) by (PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG)
  17. Print High-Quality Calendars in Letter & A4 Paper Sizes by (PDF, XLS)
  1. Free Monthly Printable Calendar Template (A4, A5, Letter, Filofax) by (PDF)
  2. Free Printable Blank Calendar Templates by (PDF)
  3. Free Printable Calendar, Planner & More! (2020 & 2021) by (PDF)
  4. Free Personalized & Printable Calendars by (PDF)
  5. 2020 Printable Calendar Featuring Disney Art by (PDF)
  6. Free Blank Calendar Templates by (PDF, DOC, XLS)
  7. Garden Inspired Free 2020 Calendar Templates by (PDF)
  8. A Wide Variety of Printable Templates by (PDF, DOC, Pages, Google Docs, PSD)
  9. 8 Printable Calendar Styles for Any Need by (PDF)
  10. Free Printable 2020 Calendar by (PDF, JPG)
  11. 12 Months Modern Grid With Holiday by (PDF)
  12. Fantastic Collection of Over 150 Free Printables by (PDF)
  13. Free Blank Calendar Template With Holidays & Notes by (PDF, DOC, JPG)
  14. Free Printable Blank Monthly Calendar by (PDF)
  15. Free Floral Printable Calendar by (JPG)
  16. Customizable Blank Calendar Templates by (PNG)
  17. 2020 Yearly, Half-Year & Monthly Calendar by (PDF, XLS, PNG)
  18. Country Based Printable Calendars by (PDF)
  19. Excel Calendar Template by (XLS)


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