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35 Authors That Died Too Early – Know How They Passed On and How Old Were They

Without them, we’ll be deprived of countless adventures, fantasies and experiences that no one else could have forged into our minds. Countless breakthroughs in the literature world, challenging our imagination and growing ourselves intellectually. Perhaps reading and books won’t be as attractive as they are today, or there won’t be any role models for writers to look up to. More importantly, there’ll be much fewer awesome movies and tv-series that we can enjoy and binge-watch during the weekends. We don’t think Netflix would as successful as they’re today if not because of the awesome authors.

It’s truly a shame that we lost a large number of extremely talented authors when their works lighted up the literary world with quality fiction and fantasy which still resonates largely among us. Franz Kafka, Edgar Allan Poe, George Orwell and H. P. Lovecraft are just some of the legendary names which lingers through every bookworms’s mind and definitely through the casual readers out there as well. All of lovely souls mentioned above didn’t live past their fifties, and one can only wonder what other works they could have done or completed if they had lived longer…

We have covered this topic more extensively in an infographic, which you may find below:-

56 Authors That You Wish Had Lived Longer And Works They Could Have Finished

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