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315 Fictional Literary Magazines (Digital & Print) to Publish Your Work & For Your Reading Pleasure

315 Fictional Literary Magazines (Digital & Print) to Publish Your Work & For Your Reading Pleasure

If you wish to find small batches of creative works from talented individuals from all walks of life, all over the world, regardless of their level of experience – Literary Magazine is the absolute venue of which you should explore. This compilation is a little bit different in the sense that it’s actually for both readers and writers. As obvious as it is for readers, writers from any skill level will find the below list extremely beneficial as these literary magazines accept your work to be included in their magazine. Out of this huge list of 315 awesome magazines, you’ll find all kinds of topics, approach, objectives, missions and even the medium on how they publish their magazines.

Some will keep them digital, some will even print them (or even both). Some will require a small fee to process your submission(s), some will accept it for free indefinitely. Editions will be published annually, semi-annually or even quarterly depending on how these wonderful people want to get them out. Some will even sell these magazines and then distribute the revenue equally among all the contributors, some will just give them out for free for that well needed exposure for all new writers. Nonetheless, the level of creativity and collaboration that you’ll see within this circle is simply mind-blowing.

You’ll find all kinds of fictions, poetries, artworks and even podcasts within this jungle of treasure. We would also like to bring to your attention that some of these publications or companies many not be active anymore as they have stopped, but all of their published works are still available in their archive or even to be purchased. We do really hope that both readers and authors would take advantage of this huge list and do have a great time!

Feel free to share this post with your friends, get in touch with us, continue to read, keep on writing and reach that daily word quota and most importantly – stay safe!

Have a good one guys.

315 Fictional Literary Magazines (Digital & Print) to Publish Your Work & For Your Reading Pleasure

  1. 2 Elizabeths – A Literary Magazine with a Heart for Community.
  2. 34thParallel Magazine – Indie Litmag Digital & Print.
  3. 3Elements Review – 3Elements Literary Review is a quarterly, online literary journal founded in Chicago in 2013, now based in Des Moines, IA. 3Elements publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography.
  4. A Quiet Courage – A Journal of Microfiction and Poetry in 100 Words or Less.
  5. A Velvet Giant – A genreless Literary Journal.
  6. Agonia – Poetry, prose, essays, comments, poems – International Culture and Literature.
  7. Alligator Juniper – A literary magazine from the high desert of Arizona.
  8. Ambit Magazine – Ambit is a 96-page quarterly literary and art magazine. It is created in London, published in the UK, and read internationally. It’s available through subscription, in selected bookshops, and in libraries worldwide.
  9. American Chordata – American Chordata is a literary and arts magazine that’s beautiful to look at; packed with bright voices in fiction, essay, poetry, art, and photography; and curated by weirdos who love brave new writing as much as you do.
  10. American Letters & Commentary – American Letters & Commentary, Inc. is an eclectic, nonprofit literary publisher dedicated to promoting innovative and challenging writing in all forms.
  11. Angie’s DIARY | Online Writing Magazine – Literary guest post blog and online magazine for readers and writers of essays, op-eds, short stories, articles on health, the arts, lifestyle, humanism, poetry.
  12. Antioch Review – The Antioch Review, a small independent literary magazine founded in 1941 in a small town in the cornfields of Ohio, is one of the oldest, continuously publishing literary magazines in America. Publishing essays, fiction, and poetry from promising and prominent authors.
  13. Antiphon poetry magazine – Antiphon poetry magazine was founded in 2011 and is edited and produced in the UK by Rosemary Badcoe and Noel Williams. Issues 1 to 24 can be found in their website, together with links to hear many of the poems reading their work.
  14. Apple Valley Review – The Apple Valley Review is an online literary journal. It is published twice annually, once in spring and once in fall. Each issue features a collection of poetry, short fiction, and essays.
  15. ARDOR Literary Magazine – ARDOR Literary Magazine is an online tri-annual publication featuring original short fiction, nonfiction, poetry and artwork.
  16. Asinine Poetry – Asinine Poetry is the journal of asinine poetry, a quarterly publication of asinine poetry, poetry that is, shall they say, asinine.
  17. At Length – At Length is a venue for ambitious, in-depth writing, music, photography, and art that are open to possibilities shorter forms preclude. They create ways for readers, listeners, and viewers to interact with noteworthy long work, and other publications have noticed.
  18. Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine – Among their favorite intersections are pieces that resist genre classification (think prose poems, think flash fiction, think…), crossovers between the arts and sciences, opposites attracting, likes repelling, anything that confronts and, in confronting, reveals.
  19. autolycus – An utterly independent literary journal, created by Genie Cartier and Emilio Aldrich. They aim to publish talented unknown writers, and sell the journal online and by consignment.
  20. Avalon Literary Review – The Avalon Literary Review is dedicated to publishing noteworthy works of poetry, short fiction and personal essays.
  21. B O D Y – B O D Y is an international online literary journal. They publish the highest quality poetry and prose from emerging and established writers. They also showcase contemporary artworks and photography.
  22. Bacopa Literary Review – Bacopa Literary Review is published by the Writers Alliance of Gainesville annually. Unique fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.
  23. BALLOONS Lit. Journal – A children and young adults literary magazine – where creativity, imagination, weirdness, adventures, and poetry play.
  24. Baltimore Review – A literary hub of diverse writing and promote the work of emerging and established writers. In 2012, The Baltimore Review began its new life as a quarterly, online literary journal.
  25. Bare Fiction Magazine – UK Literary magazine and independent press publishing new poetry, fiction, short story, flash fiction, and short plays three times a year in print and regularly online.
  26. Bartleby Snopes – Short Story and Fiction Publisher. Bartleby Snopes no longer publishes new stories but the stories they accepted during their 9 years of publication will remain permanently archived on this website.
  27. Beloit Fiction Journal – The Beloit Fiction Journal publishes the best in contemporary short fiction. Traditional and experimental narratives find a home in their pages. They publish new writers alongside established writers.
  28. Bennington Review – Bennington Review is a national biannual print journal of innovative, intelligent, and moving poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and film writing, housed at Bennington College.
  29. Beorh Weekly – The magazine of peculiar literature.
  30. Berkeley Fiction Review – UC Berkeley’s oldest prose journal, publishing short fiction since 1981.
  31. Big Fiction – BIG FICTION Magazine celebrates the long story – generous, transportive, and a little wild. They celebrate the spirit of the long essay: curious, self-aware, and free. Publishes ambitious fiction and nonfiction twice a year.
  32. Black Denim Lit – Black Denim Lit welcomes thoughtful writers, new and established. They are accepting submissions through Submittable.
  33. Black Heart Magazine – Publishes the best in short-form modern literature, across all genres. Currently they publish short fiction only (no poetry, no essays).
  34. Black Scat Review – A small, independent press dedicated to publishing books of sublime art & literature, absurdist fiction, dada, surrealism, pataphysics, erotica, and works in translation.
  35. Blackbird – An online journal of literature and the arts. Founded in 2001 as a joint venture of the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of English and New Virginia Review, Inc.
  36. Blotterature – Blotterature is an online literary magazine, started in August 2013 by a few Region Rats who came together via The Literary Underground, along with late night poetry and debauchery.
  37. Blue Collar Review – The Blue Collar Review is a quarterly journal of poetry and prose published by Partisan Press. Their mission is to expand and promote a progressive working class vision of culture that inspires us and that moves us forward as a class.
  38. Blue Lyra Review – Blue Lyra Review aims to unite writers and artists from a diverse array of backgrounds, paying special homage to the voices of Jewish writers and those from other underrepresented communities. They accept poetry, nonfiction, translations book reviews and artistic images.
  39. Bookforum Magazine – Contributors have taken on an array of topics, writing essays, columns, and reviews about fiction, history, fashion, feminism, current events, policy, bestsellers, fashion, film, music, pop culture, and personal obsessions.
  40. Bop Dead City – Bop Dead City was an independent, quarterly literary magazine. They are permanently closed as of December 7, 2017, but you may still find their previous publications online.
  41. Boston Accent Lit – Boston Accent Lit aims to showcase work that is daring and innovative, as well as to provide a platform for underrepresented voices. They publish quality work by both emerging and established artists.
  42. Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers – An award-winning literary magazine dedicated to motherhood. Each issue contains personal essays, a short story, poetry, debates, book reviews and news.
  43. Brick, A Literary Journal – Brick is an international literary journal, based out of Toronto, which prizes the personal voice and celebrates life, art, and the written word.
  44. Brilliant Flash Fiction – Submissions are open 365 days a year, and there are no reading fees. Brilliant Flash Fiction welcomes submissions from writers at all levels of experience.
  45. Broad Street Magazine – Broad Street is an interdisciplinary magazine of letters and art, begun at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012 and now independently operated. Narrative essays, researched reflection, experimental truth-telling, photo essays, belles lettres, poetry, and all forms of visual art come together here.
  46. Broad! (A Gentlelady’s Magazine) – Broad! is a online literary semiannual that publishes exclusively writers and artists who identify as women, trans*, or outside the gender binary. Female, trans*, and genderqueer writers are severely underrepresented in literary publications today, and we hope to help change that. They accept poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction (particularly personal essays and nonfictional narrative), photography, and visual art.
  47. Buck off Magazine – Online literary magazine where Writing Meets Attitude. After 5 years and 10 editions, Buck Off Magazine has ended its publications, but is still available until the end of time.
  48. Cactus Heart – Cactus Heart was a literary magazine founded by Sara Rauch in 2012. From Cactus Heart’s first issue to its last in 2016, the magazine was dedicated to publishing fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and visual art that was sharp, devastating, and vulnerable.
  49. Camroc Press Review – Not currently active but have a wide range of submissions from a group of authors available on their website.
  50. Cardinal Sins – Saginaw Valley State University’s (SVSU) arts and literature publication. They publish writing and artwork/photography twice a year.
  1. Carve Magazine (11th) – Diverse community that engages in conversations with writers in print, digital, and online. Publishing honest fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and more.
  2. Cecile’s Writers Magazine – Founded in 2012, Cecile’s Writers Foundation published their first magazine in July of 2013. They have now published dozens of literary work by writers who all have one thing in common: interculturalism.
  3. Chagrin River Review – Chagrin River Review aims to publish the best contemporary short fiction and poetry available to readers today. Chagrin River Review seeks flash fiction, and poetry that explore the human experience and reveal emotional truth.
  4. China Grove – China Grove is a journal for and about writing. It is designed to give a look at the best of what’s out, a look back at the history of the best writers of the past, and to juxtapose that with the new writers of the future.
  5. Cleaver Magazine – Cleaver is a Philadelphia-based online magazine that provides a platform for underrepresented writers and artists producing work of the highest quality.
  6. Clementine (Unbound) – Clementine Unbound is an online-only poetry journal/blog edited and published on a weekly schedule by G. F. Boyer.
  7. CLOCKHOUSE – A national literary journal published by Clockhouse Writers’ Conference in partnership with Goddard College.
  8. Coffin Bell – A journal of dark literature.
  9. Coldnoon: A Quarterly of Travel Poetics – International Journal of Travel Writing & Travelling Cultures.
  10. Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing – Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing is a biannual, online publication that features work by both established and emerging writers of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.
  11. Concho River Review – Concho River Review is a biannual literary journal published by the Department of English and Modern Languages at Angelo State University. Since its inception, CRR has prided itself on publishing some of the finest short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from both emerging and established authors.
  12. CONSEQUENCE magazine – An International Literary Magazine Focusing on the Culture and Consequences of War.
  13. Contraposition – Contraposition is a digital and print based literary magazine. Our print volumes are released biannually and sometimes carry a theme. Their web selection is a rolling, non-themed anthology.
  14. Contrary Magazine – Contrary® was founded in 2003 at the University of Chicago by students and alumni of Chicago’s Master of Arts Program in the Humanities. It now operates independently and without a thought of profit on the South Side of Chicago and publishes writers from throughout the world.
  15. Cowboy Jamboree – Rag & press dedicated to grit lit and rural writing with rough edges, fiction or non.
  16. Crab Fat Literary Magazine – Crab Fat Magazine is founded on the principles of inclusive & diverse writing/publishing. This means we actively seek work from marginalized people. Crab Fat accepts submissions on a rolling basis. They’re interested in flash fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction (lyric essay & memoirs are some of our favorites), visual art, & book reviews from small indie presses.
  17. Creation and Criticism – Creation and Criticism (CC), which is a quarterly international peer-reviewed refereed English e-journal, aims at providing an opportunity to the researchers and scholars for sharing their creative and critical views through poems, plays, fiction, interviews, book reviews and research articles.
  18. Cumberland River Review – A quarterly online publication of new poetry, fiction, essays, and art. The journal is produced by the department of English at Trevecca Nazarene University, in Nashville, Tennessee, and welcomes submissions from both national and international writers and artists.
  19. CutBank – CutBank publishes two print issues a year of compelling poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction by established writers and new voices alike.
  20. Dappled Things – Catholic literary magazine – A quarterly journal of ideas, art, and faith.
  21. Dark Futures – They’re interested in flash and short science fiction stories, preferably stories with some form of dark or cynical themes. They also love cyberpunk, grimdark (of the sci-fi variety, futuristic dystopian, and post apocalyptic stories. Space opera and other forms of science fiction are also welcome and some element of darkness, such as a powerful villain character (think Darth Vader) will increase their chance of acceptance.
  22. Del Sol Review – Del Sol Review was started in 1998. It was first known as “Editor’s Picks” and served the purpose of highlighting select work from print journals on WebdelSol.Com. DSR has published twenty issues and shows no signs of stopping.
  23. Delmarva Review – Founded in 2008, Delmarva Review is a literary journal dedicated to the discovery and publication of compelling new fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction from emerging and established writers. We publish annually, and promote various literary and educational events to inspire readers and writers who pursue excellence in the literary arts.
  24. Dime Show Review – They accept fiction, flash fiction, ten-word stories and poetry.
  25. drafthorse – drafthorse is a biannual online publication of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, visual narrative, and other media art where work, occupation, labor—or lack of the same—is in some way intrinsic to a narrative’s potential for epiphany.
  26. Dreamers Creative Writing – Dreamers Creative Writing is dedicated to writing that is from the heart.
  27. Drunk Monkeys – A monthly online magazine devoted to literature & film. Featuring short fiction, flash fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, film reviews, interviews, & podcasts.
  28. Duende – Duende is the all-online literary journal of the BFA in Writing degree-track at Goddard College. They publish one issue per year in the fall, along with a themed feature issue each spring. They also publish original content at the beginning of every month, as well as monthly book reviews by their editors.
  29. DUMAS de Demain: The French Literary Magazine – Dumas de Demain, a French Literary Magazine is a website created for emerging writers to show the world their talents. They accept poems, fables, plays, tales or comic strips.
  30. Earthen Lamp Journal – A listing of over 600 magazines of fiction stories, compiled over 10 years. Some of these listings are older, and we are doing our very best to bring you up to date listings. Submissions are totally free.
  31. Eastern Iowa Review – Eastern Iowa Review was established in 2014 as an offshoot of Port Yonder Press which no longer publishes books.
  32. El Portal – Eastern New Mexico University’s literary magazine, El Portal, offers a unique venue for the work of writers, artists and photographers.
  33. Elan Literary Magazine – Élan is an international student literary magazine originally published by the English Department at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in 1986. Each year a staff of high school juniors and seniors, fueled by a passion for the written word and artistic expression, continues the tradition of publishing a word-class literary publication.
  34. Elbow Pads – Elbow Pads is an annual literary magazine publishing prose, poetry, and photography. Elbow Pads favor the candid outlook of creative individuals but we can deal with the mysterious types, too.
  35. Embark: A Literary Journal for Novelists – Embark is a literary journal designed for novelists and featuring exclusively novel beginnings—those crucial first pages that must engage the reader’s attention and often receive more polishing than any other part of the book.
  36. Embers Igniting – An editing service whose goal is to partner with writers, to focus on the process of writing by helping authors improve their craft, and to foster and promote a community of writers who are seeking to refine their work.
  37. Epiphany, a literary Journal – Travellers to South East Asia and India see bicycles loaded up with such an array of miscellanea they enter the mind and become impossible objects. They are connected to the earth, but only incidentally. They glide above it. They are full of magic.
  38. Episodic Magazine – Episodic is dedicated to the jigsaw-ness of life – the way it fits together – the big picture made up of many meaningful smaller pictures.
  39. Eunoia Review – Eunoia Review is a Singapore-based online literary journal committed to sharing the fruits of ‘beautiful thinking’. Each day, we publish two new pieces of writing for your reading pleasure.
  40. Exclusive – You will find publishers, magazines, articles, lists, individual authors, stories, reviews, contests, books. There should be something for everyone from people wanting to get an idea of what innovative literature is, to people who make it their careers.
  41. Exposition Review – Exposition Review is an independent, multi-genre literary journal that publishes narratives by new, emerging, and established writers in the genres of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, stage & screen, experimental, visual art, and comics.
  42. Fairies and Fairy Tales – Stories are beautiful and the best stories come from great writers who have the freedom to write or thousands of years of culture. This is why they have started a magazine dedicated to bringing these two types of stories together.
  43. Fantasy Scroll Magazine – Fantasy Scroll Magazine was a first monthly, then quarterly e-zine that was published between 2014 and 2016. Although it has stopped, its archive lives on the interwebs.
  44. Far Off Places – Far Off Places is a magazine featuring creative writing and illustration which ran from 2013 to 2018. Despite being based in Edinburgh, they spread their loving tentacles over Europe and across the Atlantic. Their mission in life is to make you laugh, ponder, and wince.
  45. Felled Limbs – Everyone lacks something. At Felled Limbs, we are not interested in looking for the things that are lost, and we have no desire to replace them. Instead, we spend our time staring into the empty spaces, and learning how to let go.
  46. Fiction International – Fiction International is the only literary journal in the United States emphasizing formal innovation and social activism. Each issue revolves around a theme and features a wide variety of fiction, nonfiction, indeterminate prose, and visuals by leading writers and artists from around the world.
  47. Fiction War Magazine – Fiction Wars are seasonal writing competitions giving modern fictioneers 3 DAYS to create a short masterwork. These three days are called the 3-DAY FICTION WAR. All entries must be 1000 words or fewer.
  48. filling Station – filling Station Magazine is a literary and arts magazine publishing innovative poetry, fiction, non-fiction (creative non-fiction, reviews, articles, interviews, live event reviews, photo essays, etc), and presenting a featured visual artist each issue.
  49. FishFood Magazine – FishFood Magazine is an independent literary and arts magazine dedicated to all forms of creative expression and talent. FishFood encourages self-expression from daily life through art.
  50. Five 2 One Magazine – FIVE:2:ONE is primarily dedicated to the transgressive, the progressive and the experimental. That is to say that we like the unexplored waters. We love the hell out of the cross-genre scientists, the visual inventors,plucky linguists, non-narratives narrators, and especially the experimental weird babies.
  1. Fjords Review – Fjords Review was founded in 2010 by John Gosslee. The magazine has featured a number of editors and guest editors and is housed in New York Public Library’s Helen Bernstein Periodicals and Journals Library, Southbank Centre’s Poetry Library and Poet’s House Special Collections Literary Journals permanent collections.
  2. Flash Fiction Online – Flash Fiction Online – short stories for the modern reader.
  3. Flyleaf Literary Journal – Based in Chicago, Flyleaf Journal publishes exceptional short fiction written by both emerging and established writers. Each issue they publish is comprised of a single short story and an accompanying illustration designed by a graphic collaborator.
  4. FORTH Magazine – They explore, expose, and celebrate this forward-moving, always-evolving creative energy that makes us human. Exploring not just the art, but the artists who always have, and always will, drive humanity forth. In the end, they hope to be an additional, tiny vehicle for the engine of creativity.
  5. Four Winds Literary Magazine – Four Winds Literary Magazine is a magazine of the arts dedicated to showcasing the Indigenous voices of Canada and North America, in all their forms. Because their artwork cannot be confined to the page, they will use film, photographs, voice clips, and other media to tell their story, along with traditional verse poetry, short stories, essays, and allegories.
  6. Garbanzo Literary Journal – Storytellers, bookbinders, mythmakers, defenders of the ephemeral arts.
  7. Garden Gnome Publications – The garden gnomes love all kinds of fiction. Speculative fiction genres, or genres that might contain a speculative fiction atmosphere.
  8. Ginosko Literary Journal – Accepting short fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, social justice, literary insights for Ginosko Literary Journal.
  9. Glimmer Train Stories – Glimmer Train is one of the most respected short-story journals in print and has actively championed emerging writers from the beginning. After nearly three decades, Glimmer Train is pulling out of the station for good as of December 15, 2019.
  10. Gold Man Review – Gold Man Review, an annual literary journal, is aimed at serving and supporting our community of authors and poets residing on the West Coast.
  11. Golden Walkman Magazine – Golden Walkman Magazine is a literary magazine in the form of a podcast aimed at giving the written word a voice. In that vein, all work accepted and published will be presented solely through that medium – which is audio. No printed words, online or otherwise (except the ones you’re reading right now).
  12. Gone Lawn – Gone Lawn happens first in Connecticut and Missouri, then in the Servers, deep within that collectivist mycelial mass better known as the interwebs.
  13. Grain – Grain, the journal of eclectic writing, is a literary quarterly that publishes engaging, eclectic, and challenging writing and art by Canadian and international writers and artists. Every issue features superb new writing from both developing and established writers.
  14. Gravel Literary Journal – Poetry, fiction, multimedia, creative non-fiction, flash fiction, flash creative non-fiction, book reviews and art.
  15. Green Briar Review – Green Briar Review is an independent literary magazine. They accept nonfiction and fiction in a variety of forms, as well as poetry.
  16. Griffith REVIEW – Since 2003, Griffith Review has been the leading literary magazine in Australia with an uncanny ability to anticipate emerging trends. Each themed collection presents fresh insights and analysis of the big issues from emerging and established Australian and international writers, featuring a mix of essays, memoir, reportage, short fiction, poetry and visual essays.
  17. Grist: The Journal for Writers – A literary journal out of the University of Tennessee, they publish fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, craft essays, and interviews with writers.
  18. Grotesque Quarterly – Quarterly Horror Magazine. Grotesque accepts works of fiction, non-fiction, micro-fiction, flash-fiction, splatter-punk, poetry, photography, and art.
  19. Heavy Feather Review – Your trusted source for reading about books, publishers, and writing tips. Classic novels, sci-fi pieces, kids’ books, short storie – they cover it all.
  20. Hello Horror – To counter the current saturation of gore and shock value in the horror we see and read today. A story that gives you goose bumps is a much greater achievement than a story that just grosses you out.
  21. High Desert Journal – HDJ is a voice for the landscape and the people of the interior West. Through literature and visual arts, HDJ has created an evolving conversation that deepens an understanding of the people, places, and issues of the interior West, a region rich in creativity, history and flux, yet often overlooked for its cultural resources.
  22. High Noon – A literary magazine dedicated to moments of revelation, transition, and epiphany.
  23. Hirschworth – Hirschworth publishes poetry, fiction, essays, visual art, send-ups, and the like. Their goal is to present work of quality, originality, and insight.
  24. Hypnos – Founded in 2012, Hypnos Magazine strives to promote the best weird fiction in the vein of H. P. Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany, Algernon Blackwood, Ambrose Bierce, Edgar Allan Poe, and Arthur Machen.
  25. Indiana Review – Indiana Review is a non-profit literary magazine dedicated to showcasing the talents of emerging and established writers. Our mission is to offer the highest quality writing within a wide aesthetic.
  26. Indiana Voice Journal – Indiana Voice Journal exists to promote the unheard voices of new writers alongside the more familiar voices of experienced authors. As a monthly online literary journal, IVJ considers fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, essays, visual art and interviews.
  27. Infinity’s Kitchen – Infinity’s Kitchen is a print publication, web site, and performance series devoted to innovative forms of literature, made from new recipes, with compelling ingredients.
  28. Inklette Magazine – Inklette is a not-for-profit, online literary magazine helmed by emerging artists and writers from all over. Inklette believes in the ability of art and literature to strike our consciousness in inexplicable ways.
  29. Into the Ruins – Into the Ruins is a new quarterly science fiction journal publishing the best in the emerging subgenre of deindustrial and post-industrial science fiction.
  30. Journal of Compressed Creative Arts (Matter Press) – Matter Press cares for compressed forms. Matter Press will publish prose poetry and compressed fiction print chapbooks.
  31. JuxtaProse Literary Magazine – Founded in 2015, JuxtaProse is an online literary journal that publishes fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography from around the world.
  32. Korea Lit – Stories from the “Land of the morning calm”
  33. Left Hand Waving – Left Hand Waving is no longer taking submissions but you still can access their archive of 84 terrific stories, first person, mostly true stories.
  34. LEGOMENON: What is the Meaning? – LEGOMENON features original interpretations and in-depth analytical essays about culture and the meaning of art, music, and film.
  35. Lifelines: Dartmouth Medical School Literary Journal – Dartmouth School of Medicine Literary and Art Journal
  36. Lines + Stars – Lines + Stars began in 2006 as a means of establishing a new creative forum in Washington, DC. Lines + Stars welcomes poetry and short prose of all varieties. Both novice and seasoned writers are encouraged to submit.
  37. Litbreak Magazine – Litbreak is an online literary journal based in New York City that publishes short stories, novel excerpts, poetry, creative nonfiction, reviews of books and films, interviews, and short literary autobiographies of writers.
  38. Literary Heist – Literary Heist is an online literary and arts magazine that also publishes a yearly compilation into an electronic book.
  39. Literary Orphans – To function as a collaborative writing and arts platform, designed to present original literary work of quality, illuminated by cutting-edge photography and art, to as large of an audience as possible.
  40. Litro Magazine – Founded in 2005 Litro Magazine is a fully fledged literary & creative arts platfrom, that champions emerging international writers whilst celebrating the established.
  41. Little Fiction – Little Fiction publishes short story singles in digital format. They also publish nonfiction under our Big Truths label.
  42. Little Patuxent Review – Little Patuxent Review (LPR) is a journal of literature and the arts, publishing poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction and artwork. LPR welcomes most US-based contributors and prides itself on supporting both up-and-coming and well-established artists and writers.
  43. Lotus-eater – Lotus-eater is an online literary magazine based in Rome. Their aesthetic is dark, eclectic, often experimental. They are interested in daring, unusual writing and striking images.
  44. Madcap Review – Madcap Review is a semiannual online journal of literature and art. As their name indicates, they embrace the impulsive, the reckless, and the lively, but they also have great respect for form and restraint.
  45. Mash Stories – Mash Stories began as a writing competition, but it has grown into a platform. It developed a weekly podcast and a blog full of articles about the craft of writing and ways to navigate a writing career.
  46. Meat for Tea: The Valley Review – We are a non-academic affiliated magazine committed to recognizing and featuring the work of the artists, writers, and musicians living in western Massachusetts and beyond.
  47. Menacing Hedge – Menacing Hedge is a quarterly journal of poetry, fiction and artwork, which is committed to fostering access to emerging and experimental poetry and prose.
  48. Michigan Quarterly Review – Michigan Quarterly Review, founded in 1962, is the University of Michigan’s flagship literary journal, publishing each season a collection of essays, interviews, memoirs, fiction, poetry, and book reviews.
  49. Minetta Review – A literary and arts publication at New York University.
  50. Minute Magazine – Minute Magazine is an online, nonprofit literary & art publication dedicated to examining life under the microscope. They publish quarterly in January, April, July, and October.
  1. Mixed Fruit – Mixed Fruit is an online literary magazine that publishes fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, translation, visual art, and creative miscellany. They like to see new and interesting subjects, or new and interesting takes on tired subjects, or words that simply sock us in the belly.
  2. Mojo – mojo is the online literary journal of Wichita State University. They accept fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, published in the Fall and Spring.
  3. Moss – MOSS is a literary journal of writing from the Pacific Northwest. Published annually, Moss is dedicated to exploring the intersection of place and creative expression, while exposing the region’s outstanding writers to a broad audience of readers, critics, and publishers.
  4. Mothers Always Write – A bi-monthly, online literary magazine for mothers and mother writers who consider parenting to be their highest calling. We publish essays and poetry about the mothering experience.
  5. Mud Season Review – Mud Season Review seeks to celebrate the full process of artistic creation, from inspiration to publication—welcoming into their open and collaborative community wide-ranging voices that tramp and track in the mud of human experience.
  6. MUSE INDIA, the literary eJournal – Started and run by a group of writers, Muse India is a literary e-journal with the primary objective of showcasing Indian writings in English and in English translation to a broad-based global readership. The journal publishes both creative and critical writing and offers a wide range of literary forms – poetry, short fiction, essays, conversations with writers, book reviews and the like.
  7. n+1 – A print and digital magazine of literature, culture, and politics.
  8. Narrative Magazine – Writers, Fiction, Poetry, Storytelling, Nonfiction, Art.
  9. Nat. Brut – Nat. Brut is a journal of art and literature dedicated to advancing inclusivity in all creative fields. Their magazine is a broadly interdisciplinary safe space that values marginalized voices and we promote environmental sustainability in both form and content.
  10. Natural Bridge – Natural Bridge, a journal of contemporary literature, began publishing fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and translations by award-winning writers just prior to the new millennium. Its national and international subscriptions, and thus its reach, have grown yearly.
  11. NEAT. – NEAT is an online literary magazine devoted to writers with ties to the Midwest. Twice per year, they send out our call for submissions.
  12. New Madrid: A Journal of Contemporary Literature – Their issues have featured the work of established writers, but a major point of pride for them is that New Madrid served also as a showcase for emerging writers.
  13. New Millennium Writings – NMW was launched in 1996 with a 15-word classified ad. They believe in the creative potential of every writer, regardless of experience.
  14. New Plains Review – New Plains Student Publishing was established in December 2016 and is housed in the English Department at the University of Central Oklahoma. NPSP allows students the opportunity to assist in the operations of a small press. They edit and produce several creative and scholarly journals each year.
  15. Newtown Literary – Newtown Literary is a semi-annual literary journal publishing fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, and poetry with a Queens, NY focus.
  16. October Hill Magazine – October Hill Magazine set sail on its maiden voyage as a non-profit magazine in the Spring of 2017 in New York City. The magazine grew out of the Literary Lights Writer’s Group, a collective of aspiring fiction authors and poets.
  17. One Throne Magazine – They pride themselves on probably being the most diverse literary magazine on the planet. Most of their issues carry writing from at least three continents, with women and minority groups equitably represented.
  18. Oxford American – The Oxford American is a nonprofit, quarterly literary magazine dedicated to featuring the best in Southern writing while documenting the complexity and vitality of the American South.
  19. Painted Bride Quarterly – PBQ is a community-based, independent, non-profit literary magazine published quarterly online and annually in print, making it accessible to a broad and diverse audience.
  20. Painted Cave – Painted Cave is an award-winning literary journal established by the creative writing students at Santa Barbara City College. Their goal is to highlight contemporary and emerging writers enrolled in community colleges across the nation by presenting their work in a peer-reviewed, online, biannual magazine in May and December.
  21. Panel – Contemporary fiction from Central and Eastern Europe.
  22. Paper Nautilus – Paper Nautilus wants your gorgeous, strange, vulnerable, elegant words. They think of every chapbook as a temporary shelter for the readers to seek refuge in, knowing this protection only lasts as long as the number of pages.
  23. Papercuts – 24/7, 365 Days Writers’ Workshop, Community and Bi-Annual Literary Journal, DWL is a unique platform for South Asian writers.
  24. Penumbra – Penumbra is a print and online literary magazine based in Jersey City, U.S. and Madrid, Spain. They seek high quality works of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, dramatic writing, and artwork.
  25. Pilcrow & Dagger – Their goal is to provide writers, and readers, entertainment and a break from “the block,” allowing your muse to reignite.
  26. Pithead Chapel – Pithead Chapel is an independent and volunteer-run literary journal and small press founded in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in 2012. They publish gutsy fiction, nonfiction, and prose poetry online every month and a couple of printed chapbooks every year.
  27. Placed – Entablature Press is an independent publishing house located in Ypsilanti, MI dedicated to providing quality “place-based” historical fiction and nonfiction.
  28. Ploughshares – Ploughshares has published quality literature since 1971. Their award-winning literary journal is published four times a year; their lively literary blog publishes new writing daily.
  29. Plume – Plume is a magazine dedicated to publishing the very best of contemporary poetry. They are very selective, offering twelve poems per monthly issue.
  30. Poecology – A literary journal for writing about place, ecology, and the environment.
  31. Polyphony H.S. – A global online literary platform for high school writers and editors.
  32. Popshot Magazine – Popshot is an illustrated literary magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from the literary new blood. The magazine is published quarterly.
  33. Posit – Posit publishes a stimulating, dynamic selection of the finest new poetry, prose and visual art — accomplished, sophisticated work that may be eclectic in style but is always innovative, challenging, and aesthetically broadening.
  34. Poydras Review – The literary journal for rare birds.
  35. Printer’s Devil Review – An online journal featuring fiction (short stories and excerpts from novels), poetry, non fiction, and visual art.
  36. Prism Review – Since 2008, Prism Review has annually published contemporary poetry and fiction from both national and international authors, choosing the best 20 or so pieces from the thousand-plus submissions we read each year.
  37. Psychopomp Magazine – Psychopomp Magazine is a quarterly, online publication that exists to showcase stories and art that challenge genre and form conventions with particular attention to work that deals with conceptions of passages, rites of passage, transitions, juxtapositions, and the betwixt and between. They also run an annual fiction contest.
  38. Pure Slush – Established in 2010, Pure Slush currently publishes print anthologies of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.
  39. Randomly Accessed Poetics – Randomly Accessed Poetics is an online literary journal that celebrates words and their relationships to one another. takes a “happy-go-lucky” approach toward any given writer in that it has set no topic or genre restriction on works it features.
  40. Reading Hour – Short stories, poetry, essays and ideas.
  41. Red Fez Publications – To produce for readers the best possible story or poem in that moment, according to their immediate desire, mood and taste.
  42. Revolver – Revolver is a literary arts organization based in Lowertown, St. Paul. They produce events that push the boundaries of what a ‘literary’ event can be, publish work that is concrete and resonant and full of risk, and create space for writers to explore long-term projects.
  43. Ricochet Magazine – An online magazine for aspiring writers and artists.
  44. Riot Material – RIOT MATERIAL is LA’s premier literary-cultural magazine with an eye on art, word and forward-aiming thought.
  45. River Poets Journal – A Journal of Poetry, Prose, Fiction, Memoir, Flash Art & Photography.
  46. Rivet: The Journal of Writing That Risks – Since 2014, Rivet Journal has published authors from around the U.S. and the world. In each issue, you’ll find writing that revels in the unexpected and rewards with imagination and insight. Rivet also publishes provocative visual and multimedia art.
  47. Rocky Mountain Revival, Audio Art Journal – Rocky Mountain Revival is an Audio Art Journal. A haven for readers, writers, singers, storytellers, audio artists, listeners and dreamers; an oasis for story-thirsty wanderers; an island of freedom in an ocean of thought tyranny surrounded by sharks that feed on the imagination.
  48. Room Magazine – Room is Canada’s oldest feminist literary journal, and has published fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, art, interviews, and book reviews for forty years.
  49. Rowayat – A literary journal emerging from Egypt.
  50. Ruminate – A Contemplative Magazine Chewing on the Mysteries of Life
  1. Ryga: A Journal of Provocations – Ryga: A Journal of Provocations showcases the work of both established and emerging writers who explore social issues. They publish two times a year out of Okanagan College.
  2. Sassafras Literary Magazine – Sassafras Literary Magazine is that one peculiar friend. He or she may, or may not, resemble a tabletop and smell like burnt caramel. Sometimes Sassafras is just like you.
  3. Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Art – Saw Palm’s mission is to go beyond the tourist brochures and capture the unique experience of Florida lives, landscapes, and tropes through the work of artists and writers in-state and out.
  4. Scarlet Leaf Review – Brings novels, short stories, poetry, English Grammar and children books. To help emerging authors and poets make their works known.
  5. Scarlet Literary Magazine – Poetry, Prose, Short Stories, Essays, Art and Photography in online, themed publication.
  6. Sequestrum – A literary journal of short prose and poetry.
  7. Serving House Journal – Serving House Journal endeavors to publish works in the literary and visual arts that will surprise, rivet, amuse, charm, enchant, even electrify readers.
  8. Sick Lit Magazine – Sick Lit Magazine strongly, passionately believe that instead of being taught what to think, we should be teaching each other how to think, and also be taught how to think. Only then will we discover the capabilities of our own individual cognitive abilities. Only then will we be enabled to find answers to the larger questions that seem to evade us.
  9. Sky Island Journal – Sky Island Journal is an independent, international literary journal that publishes the finest original poetry, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction.
  10. Slattery’s Art of Horror Magazine – Exploring the depths of literature, mainstream and popular fiction, science fiction, horror, poetry, theater, and whatever piques my interest.
  11. Slice of Life – A literary journal of flash nonfiction.
  12. Slightly Foxed – All about books, really good books.
  13. So to Speak: a feminist journal of language and arts – So to Speak was founded in 1993 by an editorial collective of women MFA candidates at George Mason University. It has served as a space for feminist writing and art for nearly 25 years.
  14. Spadina Literary Review – The Spadina Literary Review has for some time been appearing every two months and is available only online.
  15. Spark: A Creative Anthology – Spark is a quarterly anthology accepting Poetry, Flash Fiction, Short Stories, and Creative Non-Fiction. We encourage both established and emerging talent.
  16. Speculative 66 – 66 words, endless possibilities.
  17. Spry Literary Journal – Spry is a literary journal that features undiscovered and established writers’ concise, experimental, hybrid, modern, vintage or just plain vulnerable writing. This is a place for people who excel at taking risks, who thrive under pressure—for people whose words and rhythms are spry.
  18. Squalorly – They publish storytellers. Whether they are MFAs or ditch diggers is of little concern, so long as the words seem to have clawed their way onto the page, defying the will of the author, with little regard for sleep, safety or comfort.
  19. Steel Toe Review – Steel Toe Review publishes an annual print issue (except some years when they don’t) and an online issue whenever they feel like it. They publish mainly literary short stories and poetry, but also essays, creative non-fiction, one-act plays, and visual art.
  20. Stinkwaves Magazine – Stinkwaves is full of fast-paced short stories, poetry, and artwork that is fun to read.
  21. Story Club Magazine – A magazine for nonfiction performance.
  22. Story Monsters Ink – Story Monsters LLC is home to the award-winning Story Monsters Ink® magazine, the literary resource for teachers, librarians, and parents—selected by School Library Journal as one of the best magazines for kids and teens.
  23. Streetlight Magazine – Streetlight Magazine is the non-profit home for unpublished fiction, poetry, essays, and art that inspires.
  24. STRIKE Magazine – An Independent Art and Literature Mag from the Coastal Bend.
  25. Surrealist Star Clustered Illuminations – An online literary magazine featuring Surrealist Fiction / Poetry / Art / Translations / Interviews / Essays.
  26. Switchback – Switchback is the literary journal of the MFA Program at the University of San Francisco.
  27. Synaesthesia Magazine – An online literary and arts magazine dedicated to publishing poetry, prose and artwork, criss-crossing senses worldwide.
  28. Talking Writing – Talking Writing is a nonprofit literary site that features poetry, personal essays, art, and hybrid genres.
  29. Tattoo Highway – A Journal of Prose, Poetry and Art.
  30. TAYO Literary Magazine – TAYO cultivates emerging poetry and prose, publishing writing that knifes, lifts, and strikes at the emotive truth of all things lost and adrift.
  31. The American Aesthetic – The American Aesthetic is a quarterly journal searching for poetry that conveys in its very composition – as well as in the sound, cadence, and possibly even musicality of its words – an expression of honesty and purpose that somehow rings true.
  32. The Antigonish Review – TAR has always prided itself on offering an eclectic array of poetry and prose by emerging and established writers, as well as extensive book reviews and the occasional critical essay.
  33. the Aurorean – The Aurorean is a powerhouse of poetry…[It] is more than a journal of poetry. It is a community of writers who, while brought into a collection by editors, seem more like a symposium of poets who planned this publication to gift to their readers—which speaks to the skills of said editors
  34. The Austin Review – The Austin Review is an independent, nonprofit literary journal that draws inspiration from the flourishing art scene of Austin, Texas. They promote contemporary literature, contribute to literary arts in Austin, and foster the development of writers by publishing creative nonfiction, fiction, and essays.
  35. The Bad Version – The Bad Version was an online and print magazine that ran from 2011 to 2014. Though they are no longer publishing new material, they encourage you to browse their archives.
  36. The Black Fox Literary Magazine – Black Fox publishes both established and new writers. They welcome all fiction, but they especially like fiction from under-represented genres and styles.
  37. The Black Herald – Black Herald Press, an independent publisher, publishes poetry books, essays, short texts – as well as a bilingual literature magazine.
  38. The Blotter Magazine – The Blotter Magazine exists to nurture underground, outsider literature and art and to provide it to a wide audience. Their goal is to treat contributors, donors, and readers alike with dignity, friendship, and respect.
  39. The Canary Press – The Canary Press was founded in 2013 on the back porch of a shared apartment, in an elaborate attempt to avoid doing the dishes. The magazine has become a crusade for the short story.
  40. The Cardiff Review – The Cardiff Review was founded in 2015 by four graduate students of Cardiff University’s MA in Creative Writing program. The Review‘s first iteration was a digital magazine that published three issues, available to readers as downloadable PDFs.
  41. The Carolina Quarterly – The Carolina Quarterly publishes a variety of poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, and artwork twice a year and is distributed to readers locally and to individual subscribers, public and university libraries, and bookstores in the United States and worldwide.
  42. The Cincinnati Review – Since its inception in 2003, The Cincinnati Review has published many promising new and emerging writers as well as Pulitzer Prize winners and Guggenheim and MacArthur fellows.
  43. The Citron Review – Read really short stories and essays as well as poems here on their website. They publish new issues of their journal four times each year—in the spring, summer, fall, and winter.
  44. The College Review – The College Review is an online publication that focuses on bringing new and fresh writers into the spotlight, with a special emphasis on those currently in college. Established in March of 2013, The College Review seeks to highlight issues of characters and conflict in interesting and thought-provoking ways.
  45. The Columbia Review – The Columbia Review is published twice a year and is available free on the Columbia campus and on the magazine’s website. They accept and publish submissions from writers and artists within and beyond Columbia University.
  46. The Common – A Modern Sense of Place: Stories, Poems, Essays & Images
  47. The Commonline Journal – The Commonline Journal is an electronic literary journal of accessible poetry and discourse comprised of exuberant and often brutal critiques of the self, its conditions and surroundings.
  48. The Conium Review – The Conium Review and Conium Press publishes innovative writing. They lean toward unconventional plots, bizarre settings, and experimental language. Get weird with it.
  49. The Creativity Webzine – Fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art (any genre, surreal or realistic, cute or crude, holy or gritty).
  50. The Cumberland River Review – The Cumberland River Review is a quarterly online publication of new poetry, fiction, essays, and art. The journal is produced by the department of English at Trevecca Nazarene University, in Nashville, Tennessee.
  1. The Delmarva Review – Delmarva Review has grown from its regional roots to a national literary journal that draws writers from across the U.S. and around the world.
  2. The Digital Americana Magazine – Digital Americana crosses the literary arts with American culture and a state-of-the-art publishing mindset. Since 2010, they have functioned as an independent & interactive journal of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art, & criticism.
  3. The Drum Literary Magazine – The Drum Literary Magazine publishes short fiction, essays, poetry, novel excerpts, and interviews exclusively in audio form. The Drum is a non-profict organization, and your source for Literature Out Loud.
  4. The Fiction Desk – Independent publishers of new short stories.
  5. The FictionWeek Literary Review – The FictionWeek Literary Review publishes some of the world’s best innovative writers, published online twice a year, spring and fall by The FictionWeek Literary Review is also a venue for innovative fiction and poetry.
  6. The Fiddlehead – The Fiddlehead is published four times a year at the University of New Brunswick, with the generous assistance of the university, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Province of New Brunswick. Poetry, Fiction and Non-fiction.
  7. The Florida Review – The Florida Review publishes exciting new work from around the world from writers both emerging and well known. Features new literary works on a weekly basis, as well as author interviews, book reviews, digital storytelling, visual arts, and short film.
  8. The Four Cornered Universe – Covers Poetry, flash fiction, short fiction, serial fiction and non-fiction
  9. The Future Fire – Social Political Speculative Cyberfiction.
  10. The Gettysburg Review – The Gettysburg Review, published by Gettysburg College, is recognized as one of the country’s premier literary journals. Since its debut in 1988, work by such luminaries as E. L. Doctorow, Rita Dove, James Tate, Joyce Carol Oates, Richard Wilbur, and Donald Hall has appeared.
  11. The Golden Key – The Golden Key is a bi-annual journal of speculative and literary writing, inspired by the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale “The Golden Key.”
  12. The Healing Muse – The Healing Muse is the annual journal of literary and visual art published by SUNY Upstate Medical University’s Center for Bioethics & Humanities. They welcome fiction, poetry, narratives, essays, memoirs and visual art, particularly but not exclusively focusing on themes of medicine, illness, disability and healing.
  13. The Hunger – The Hunger is a journal of visceral writing that publishes fiction, poetry, nonfiction, hybrid work, and visual art in three issues yearly, appearing in the Winter, Spring, and Fall.
  14. The Hungry Chimera – The Hungry Chimera literary magazine is devoted to fiction, poetry and visual art. Their focus is on high quality, compelling content.
  15. The Ideate Review – The Ideate Review is a literary magazine that publishes fiction, poetry, and art related to its theme, identity. They are dedicated to showcasing works by writers and artists from across the globe that explore and transcend the self.
  16. The Iowa Review – Founded in 1970 and edited by faculty, students, and staff from the renowned writing and literature programs at the University of Iowa, The Iowa Review takes advantage of this rich environment for literary collaboration to create a worldwide conversation among those who read and write contemporary literature.
  17. The Lark – A publication of art and insight, dangerously alive online.
  18. The Literary Yard – Literary Yard is an e-journal that aims at widening literary horizons by identifying and featuring the best literary works awaiting publication.
  19. The London Magazine – Contemporary Fiction, Poetry, Essays, Reviews.
  20. The Los Angeles Review of Los Angeles – Unique, heartfelt true-to-life and stunningly beautiful novels about Los Angeles.
  21. The Lost Country – The Exiles are a group of likeminded men and women who gather together as often as they can to share and critique their own and others’ writing. Their mission is to enliven the conversation and contemplation of literature in every sphere, especially by bringing to light the importance of the Western Literary Tradition in both the composition and criticism of literature.
  22. The Lune Quarterly – Independent publisher of poetry and poetics based in northern Colorado.
  23. The Maine Review – The Maine Review (MeR) is a triannual online literary journal that publishes culturally significant and innovative writing and visual art by writers and artists living in Maine, across the country, and around the world.
  24. The Malahat Review – Poetry, Fiction, and Creative Nonfiction.
  25. The Masters Review – the Masters Review is an online and in print publication celebrating new and emerging writers. They offer critical essays and book reviews by debut authors.
  26. The Matador Review – Founded in January 2016, their purpose is to promote “alternative work” from both art and literature, and to encourage respect for online publications.
  27. The Missing Slate – The Missing Slate is a not-for-profit art and literary journal created with the intent to uphold free speech irrespective of geography, political, or religious affiliations. Their goal is simple: to honour talent and incorporate as many styles, opinions, and cultures as possible.
  28. The Missouri Review – Discovering the best in fiction, essays, and poetry.
  29. The Monarch Review – The Monarch Review aims to sustain vibrant, vagabond culture by creating a forum for emerging and established artists and thinkers.
  30. The Montucky Review – The Montucky Review is a web based poetry publication. Founded in the Summer of 2011 in Bozeman, Montana, TMR seeks well crafted wordplay from both established and novice writers alike.
  31. The New Guard – THE NEW GUARD is a contest-centered, independent literary review, publishing 35+ emerging writers each year from the US and abroad. They proudly publish in print, with the exception of their online feature, BANG!, a page on this site that publishes three short works by a single writer for a full month at a time.
  32. The Nottingham Review – The Nottingham Review is an international short story and flash fiction journal, published online.
  33. The Paris-American – The Paris-American’s mission is to unite talented emerging poets and established poets on the same stage, while also serving as an ezine for original poetry.
  34. The Sacred Cow – The Sacred Cow is a literary magazine in digital format. Their main goal is to provide good reading in the form of short stories, commentary on current events, essays, poetry, etc.
  35. The Slag Review – A journal of art, literature, and metallurgy.
  36. The Sonder Review – The Sonder Review is a publication of short fiction, creative nonfiction and visual art. Their magazine lives both online and in print and is based in Upstate, New York.
  37. The Southeast Review – The Southeast Review, established in 1979 as Sundog, is a national literary magazine housed in the English department at Florida State University. Each semi-annual issue publishes literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interviews, book reviews, and art.
  38. The Speculative Edge – Biannual digest for science fiction, horror, fantasy, and all things speculative.
  39. The Stinging Fly – The Stinging Fly magazine was established in 1997 to seek out, publish and promote the very best new Irish and international writing.
  40. The Tiny Journal – Created in 2018, The Tiny Journal is an annual online literary journal that publishes beautiful and short nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.
  41. THE TRANSNATIONAL – The Transnational is a bilingual literary magazine. They publish authors from all around the world who offer a new approach to the political and social landscape of the 21st century.
  42. The Turnip Truck(s) – The Turnip Truck(s) is an evolving graphic landscape for essayists, poets, artists, cultural theorists, critics and commentators who are interested in the dialectics of the human and its environment(s).
  43. The Vestal Review – Vestal Review is an awesome literary journal, one that does the work of angels when it comes to short short fiction.
  44. The Wagon Magazine – The Wagon Magazine, a monthly, published in both print and digital versions, aims to locate vibrant voices in the literary wild and dedicated to publishing ‘global’ literature, theatre and art.
  45. The Washington Pastime – The Washington Pastime, LLC was founded in 2011 as a free electronic and print publication based in Washington, DC committed to publishing the best in literary and genre fiction. They strive to publish only the most provocative and moving literature we come across.
  46. the Wildwood Reader – Features the work of new and emerging writers. We provide an outlet for writers that have work to share with readers that appreciate and enjoy reading short fiction.
  47. The Winter Anthology – An argument that the finest works of contemporary art are systems balanced at the edge of chaos, at the highest points of equilibrium between complexity and clarity. An electronic collection until sufficient material for a print version accumulates.
  48. The Woven Tale Press – The Woven Tale Press, the web’s premier online literary and fine art magazine, is also a hub for writing and visual arts, bringing together notable artists and writers seeking to share their work more broadly with communities actively in quest of unique voices and compelling perspectives.
  49. The Zodiac Review – The Zodiac Review was launched in 2011 by writers/editors Daniel VanTassel and Brian Wright to provide a quality magazine for new, emerging and established writers of “literary/genre” fiction, the merger of literary fiction and any genre that cares to join it.
  50. Thrice Fiction – Published three times a year, Thrice Fiction is filled with stories, art, and a few surprises from a variety of talented contributors. But the best part? It’s absolutely FREE!
  51. Tin House – The first issue of Tin House magazine arrived in the spring of 1999, the singular lovechild of an eclectic literary journal and a beautiful glossy magazine. A literary magazine for the many passionate readers who are not necessarily literary academics or publishing professionals.
  52. TreeHouse – TreeHouse is an online magazine filled with works of fiction, poetry, art, photography, film, and music from up-and-coming and established artists, as well as artist interviews and guest blog posts.
  53. TSR: The Southampton Review – The Southampton Review has been publishing compelling writing and art since 2007. Their goal is to create a literary journal filled with debut, emerging, and established authors; a literary journal that is inclusive of marginalized voices; a literary journal in which our readers will find themselves represented.
  54. TWJ Magazine – TWJ Magazine is an exciting resource for bringing news of wholesome entertainment to the attention of avid readers, movie-goers and music lovers.
  55. Typehouse Literary Magazine – A Northwest fiction, poetry, non-fiction and art magazine.
  56. Unbroken – Unbroken is a quarterly online journal that seeks to showcase prose poems and poetic prose, both from established and emerging voices. They desire to give the block, the paragraph, the unlineated prose, a new place to play.
  57. Vending Machine Press – Vending Machine Press (VMP) is aimed at giving writers an avenue for their writing to reach a wider audience. Watch videos and read the poems and stories of the greatest up and coming writers from all over the world.
  58. Versal – Versal launched in 2002 to develop a rooted and self-sustaining international literary community in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Over the course of its 12 editions, Versal reached across the globe to spotlight the world’s premiere, though perhaps unknown, poets, writers, and artists.
  59. Whisperings – Folklore, poetry, prose, essays, flash prose and short-fiction as yet written. Paintings, sketches, photography and photographic essays as yet viewed.
  60. Window Cat Press – Window Cat Press offers a place for emerging artists to share quality work as diverse as our audience. They publish a variety of media: cross-genre, collaborations, slam, etc. in addition to more traditional and widely-accepted forms.
  61. Works & Days Quarterly – Much as any collection of literature, compilation of music, or group show of visual art is only as strong as its components, Works & Days rises and falls on the strength of its contributors.
  62. Writer’s Ink – Inaugurated in 2008, Writer’s Ink has thus far published seven volumes, with hundreds of submissions from around the globe by new and experienced authors writing creatively in all styles and genres – from screenplays to memoirs, feminist poetry to steampunk, war stories to haikus – we strive to seek out and promote those works which are distinguished in their quality, originality, and vision.
  63. Your Impossible Voice – Your Impossible Voice publishes brash and velvety new work from around the globe, as well as translations, literary reviews, essays, and interviews.
  64. Zizzle Literary Magazine – Zizzle Teens is a new branch of Zizzle Literary specializing in books for teens and young adults.
  65. ZYZZYVA – ZYZZYVA was founded in 1985 in San Francisco with the goal of publishing a superb literary journal shining a spotlight on West Coast poets, writers, and artists from a wide range of backgrounds, many of whom were otherwise overlooked by established publications, and providing them with a much needed platform.