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30 Happy Testimonials from Actual Listeners on the Amazing Benefits of Audiobooks

30 Happy Testimonials from Actual Listeners on the Amazing Benefits of Audiobooks

Listening to an audiobook activates the brain network specialized for auditory processing, while reading a printed book activates the network involved in visual processing, explains Matthew Traxler, a professor of psychology at the University of California. Did you know listening to Audiobooks doesn’t just make you smarter, it makes you smarter, quicker, and increases your intellect and recall as well? Besides, listening to audiobooks while doing other activities is a great way to make use of your time. Audiobooks also help students engage in text and gain exposure to more words, ultimately improving vocabulary, comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Audiobooks are also the preferred choice when you need to get through a book more quickly. There are so many reasons audiobooks have become such a popular choice among book-lovers, from their incredible convenience to their ability to illicit powerful emotions and beyond.

We’re not going into the constant ongoing debate of whether audiobooks are “cheating”, but let’s try to look at it from the more positive side of it. If you haven’t tried audiobooks before or only tried a few times, we hope the following statements by happy listeners below will encourage you to give it a try. We’ve covered a couple of free audibooks in the past to complement this list, so here you go:-

“I really don’t have much time to sit and read anymore. however, I throw on an audiobook while doing chores or commuting. Need to fold laundry? Audiobook. Need to mow the lawn? Audiobook! Commuting an hour or more each way every day?? AUDIOBOOK!”

– Anonymous

“I went from listening to music to podcasts/audio books when I make my 3 hour drive back home and the drive seems much shorter when you are listening to some kind of story!”

– jsander18

“I have a digital book reader, and honestly audiobooks stay with me a lot longer than even written form. I find digital reader to be the worst for retaining information, and story. Paper is second best, but honestly a good audiobook will stick with me for months even after I’ve finished it.”

– Redneckshinobi

“I was just ripping through books at a rate of 5-8 a week (including the whole game of thrones series, and the Harry Potter series twice, even though I’d read the physical copies already). I got to the point where I was running out of books I was interested in.”

– DavidRandom

“I find it easier to be patient with audiobooks than physical books, especially with authors like Robert Jordan. When I crack open one of his books, I tend to skim more than I should because it feels like it takes forever to get somewhere. When I listen, though, I find myself focusing more on the content and less on the pace, and I have noticed so many more subtleties by virtue of that.”

– distgenius

“Audiobooks have a HUGE advantage over reading. Comfort. I can sit, lay, or whatever comfortably, while listening. When I’m reading though, I’m arched over or weighing for long periods on my little elbows. Good books wear me out.”

– ViggoMiles

“I love audio books. I work for hours solitary with a pressure washer. So its music or audio books. Very convenient and the speakers are great voicers sometimes which makes it more alive.”

– ryanmanrules

“I love audiobooks. Took me years to even try one because I didn’t like the idea. I was a pizza driver and it made my evenings so much better. I fly a lot now and like to listen to them on the plane. They are helpful when I’m to tired to keep my eyes open and read but not tired enough to sleep.”

– mlink461

“I’ve gone through an audiobook once every two weeks so far this year. Contrast to when I only read books I maybe got 2-3 a year.”

– risingsunx

“The convenience of it is what makes it so nice. You don’t need light or hands to do it.”

– teamshinanagin

“I walk and listen to audiobook at the same time. Time goes flying.”

– owly87

“It’s such a game changer. The amount of knowledge I’m able to gain (or creativity able to explore) has increased an incredible amount.”

– ThisIsMyRealName

“I’ve been going through audio books non-stop for 5 years now.”

– paranoiainc

“I’ve found I can do absolutely anything – even chores I normally hate – as long as I’m listening to something interesting. Cleaning the toilet? No problem, just let me get my headphones.Spring cleaning the cupboards? Easy peasey. Picking up a million grains of rice with chopsticks while wearing mittens? Sounds like fun! I can do almost anything on autopilot when my mind is engaged with a good story.”

– YouProbablySmell

“While you can read faster than you can listen to a book, you can listen to a book at times when you couldn’t be reading. Driving to work? Listen to your book. Mowing the lawn? Listen to your book. While I can read much faster then I’d listen to a book, I find that I can get through an audiobook twice as fast because they are so many opportunities in a day you can pop in some headphones when you wouldn’t be able to read. The downside is sometimes you just want to sit down and read. That’s why I am usually reading a book and listening to a different book at any given time.”

– p3t3r133

“One of my favorite things growing up, were the times in elementary schools when the teacher would have us sit around the carpet and read us a Roald Dahl book, or just any book really. It was so peaceful being able to sit down, unwind, and listen to another’s voice take you to another world. It’s what got me into reading in the first place.”

– TimeViolation

“Audio books are the only thing that got me through a marathon. Aziz Modern Romance kept me focused on laughin and not on pain. I’m sure I looked crazy though.”

– ekimkeruj

“Legitimately, this same tactic helped me lose and keep off about 60lbs. I get bored listening to music during runs, and focus too much on how much time hasn’t passed. This isn’t a problem with audiobooks, especially with exciting stories. “I’ll go until the end of this chapter” soon becomes “oh man this is getting good. Ok, I’ll keep going until the end of THIS chapter”. Really can’t imagine going back to music alone.”

– forteanglow

“I have lost 5 Stone, and I have a rule about audio books and walking, unless I’m relistening to something I’ll only listen to it when I’m standing up and walking or riding my bike. It’s a great incentive to get up off my arse and do some exercise. I even pause the audio book when I’m on the train or bus and pull out a paper back because i’m out but not exercising. And you know what with that rule and ditching my car and commuting by train and bus i’m enthused to do more exercise than I normally would, and you know what I’m genuinely excited about having a longer walk than normal because it means more listening time.”

– Anonymous

“I have c-ptsd and Stephen Fry’s Harry Potter audiobooks literally kept me functional for years. I’ve listened to them thousands of times because I couldn’t sleep without it on for years.”

– coyotestories

“There are some books where the audio performance is so good it adds another dimension to the story and I actually end up enjoying it more than just the text version. Dresden Files is a great example of this for me. That said, other books get really confusing especially high fantasy, sometimes takes me a while to wrap my head around all the names and subtleties, so might prefer the real book there sometimes.”

– ailyara

“I actually select audiobooks that are longer because I get more listening time out of it. I listen to them while at work and I enjoy a long adventure that can take over a week to complete. I just started Crypotonomicon today and it’s 45 hours long.”

– thebbman

“I find that, in general, I enjoy books I listen to more than books I read. There have been a handful of books where I get both the Kindle and audible versions. When I come across odd phrasing or sentence structures (or straight up typos) in a book in reading it bothers me enough that enjoy it less. When listening to a book that stuff is easy to miss or ignore. Other than that I don’t find the experience all that much different other than a lack of comprehension due to the fact that I’m often doing other things while listening to a book, but only the one thing when reading.”

– johnperkins21

“I drive all day for work. Podcasts and books make it enjoyable. My first day my trainer just listened to a pop station and it felt like it took all day. Now I get kinda sad at the end of the shift as my personal car doesn’t have BT so I have to wait till tomorrow to resume my stories.”

– Anonymous

“I worked a landscaping job this summer and I listened to 20 times as many books this year compared to the 3 years since I graduated high school. Went through all of ASOIAF and a few other series. Audiobooks are a godsend.”

– UnlimitedOsprey

“I normally have little patience for audiobooks – I get distracted super easily, so driving, long walks, and chores are the only ways for me to properly listen to one. I’m quite enjoying them while driving, especially.”

– ThatEvilLaugh

“The Wheel of Time audio book series is amazing. A key note often missed is the voice actors are the same throughout the series so it’s easy to pick up the next storyline. Also I was able to finish the whole series in a year, I doubt I’d have found the time to read at all since I’d listen while commuting.”

– sneekypeet

“I like to listen to them when I’m in bed. I find it relaxing. I can be in total darkness and either turn it off when I’m fading out or fall asleep with it on and rewind it the following night.”

– Borkborkpupper

“I consume literature almost 100% thorough audiobooks nowadays. I’ve easily listened to triple the amount of books that I ever read. I’m a slow reader, and easily distracted, so it was impossible for me to get through an 800 page book before. Now I seek out the longer books. Unabridged Count of Monte Cristo? No problem. The Stand? Easy. Way of Kings? Bring it. Audiobooks have allowed me to become a ridiculously well-read person. I wish I’d gotten into them 20 years earlier.”

– flossdaily

“When I figured out that audiobooks could get me to only focus on the story while listening to it, that was like say hello to a long lost friend. I think I have a better connexion to the books I read than I had before, its a joy to be “in the backseat” and slowly get the story fed to me. Combination of walking and have the books in the ears is a great joy or for that matter just playing a game on PC and cut the sound and have the book in the backround.”

– essbeck