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27 Sites With Over A Hundred of Free Ebook Templates in Various Formats

27 Sites With Over A Hundred of Free Ebook Templates in Various Formats

Let’s face it, electronic books or E-Books are taking over the literature world, allowing knowledge and information to be transferred, stored and read within various devices. A huge library can be literally kept within a device with a huge digital storage space. Recent studies do state that a reasonably large number of readers are still loyal and comfortable with physical books, which we are in agreement as well. Nonetheless, this post is not about ebooks and books, but rather how all of us can take advantage of free downloadable ebook templates to get that ebook out with the least amount of publishing issues.

Anybody can write – you just need a keyboard, a computer and start typing away. Nowadays, you can even do it on your phone. But formatting an ebook, creating the structure and outlining the table of contents, designing the covers, drafting the disclaimers, paginations and many other technicalities behind the essence of ebook creation can be a daunting task for some. You can opt to learn it step by step and create it from scratch, but why choose the long term plan, when there’s a shortcut for it – and it’s free. Just download them, modify them, and learn through experience.

27 Sites With Over A Hundred of Free Ebook Templates

Spend less time on ebook creation

and focus more on content creation.

It’s highly debatable on which software is the best optimum solution in creating the perfect ebook, but for us, we highly recommend going for the one that you’re most comfortable with. If you’re good with Powerpoint, go for it, Word if you’re a Word person. Are you an owner of Adobe Creative Suite? Then the list below have lots of InDesign templates which you can explore and choose from. By end of the day, you have to choose one that fits your personal style, modify it as you see fit and get it published.

“If you drop a book into the toilet, you can fish it out, dry it off and read that book. But if you drop your Kindle in the toilet, you’re pretty well done.” – Stephen King

Among these 27 sites, you’ll find over hundreds of free ebook templates, downloadable in various formats including Microsoft Word (DOC / DOCX), Powerpoint (PPT), LibreOffice & OpenOffice (ODT / OTT), Canva, InDesign (INDD / IDML) and other formats. In addition to that, some of the original contributors are even generous enough to provide these ebooks in different popular page sizes and even ebook cover templates.

You’ll also find lots of tips & tricks on top of all these free resources, and on average, we find that certain authors do favor landscape formats compared to portraits due to the ample horizontal space you’ll get within a page. Also do take note that although the majority of the links below come with direct download links, some would require you to provide your email address or even register before accessing the free downloads.

27 Sites With Over A Hundred of Free Ebook Templates

Increase your productivity

by using ready-made ebook templates.

We dedicate this post and compilation exclusively to all indie authors out there who self-publish their own ebooks. With these templates, we do hope that time and effort can be cut short in the laborious and monotonous formatting part of the ebook, and a major part of it can be spent more productively on the content for future readers. To those who’re leaning more towards quantity, aiming for a target of books to be published by end of the year, hopefully this approach would be a great assistance in making that a reality. Happy writing and publishing!

As usual, if you think we’ve missed out any resources in the above list, feel free to leave your comment below. Much appreciated!

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