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26 Book and Reading Tools – The Macgyver List for All Bookworms

26 Book and Reading Tools – The Macgyver List for All Bookworms

As books are being aggressively turned into electronic formats to accommodate the advancement of technology, is it no doubt that we’ll see related tools and softwares that will mushroom alongside this trend. We think the biggest one at the top of the list would be book tracking and recommendation tools. Book cataloging comes easily at second place with free online libraries / sites following closely.

As new features being introduced, so as new problems and issues, so this list is usually never can be labeled as complete as new tools will be introduced from time to time. So stay tuned, visit us often and check back as we post more lists such as this.

Please do take note that not all the tools listed below are available for free as some of them will require you to purchase before using them. No doubt, a trial version can be used if you wish to try them first. Feel free to share you reviews and thoughts on these tools on the comment section below.

Here’s the list, we hope you do enjoy and manage to find great benefits from them.

  1. The Greatest Books – Combines many top book lists to create a master list.
  2. Anobii – A community built by readers for readers allowing you to find, shelve, review and share books.
  3. Author Alcove – Rate read books, shelve to be read, and receive recommendations.
  4. BookDigits – Book tracking, rating, and discovery with achievements.
  5. booklikes – Book tracking and blogging / reviewing.
  6. LibraryThing – A web based personal library management.
  7. Litsy – Instagram inspired social media app for tracking and reviewing books.
  8. Lovelybooks – German book tracking site.
  9. Readernaut – Readernaut helps you to make your book list, build a library, keep track of what you’ve read and what you’d like to read, and then share those lists with your friends.
  10. Readgeek – Book review and cataloging site.
  11. Riffle – Track & review books with social media integration.
  12. TasteDive – Social rating site for music, movies, shows, books, authors, and games.
  13. Calibre – The ultimate go to for ebook management and conversion. It’s also an ebook reader.
  14. Reading Logs – Keep track of your child’s reading progress. Over time you will be able to chart your child’s reading progress.
  15. What Should I Read Next? – A book recommendation engine.
  16. Bookfinder – Book search tool.
  17. 50 Book Pledge – Goal based book tracking.
  18. All My Books – All My Books helps you archive, organize and track your collection through an easy to use, flexible interface. Whether you’re working with printed, audio, ebooks or a combination of all three.
  19. Book Collector – Book database software – catalog your book collection. There are also versions for movies, music, comics, and games
  20. Bookpedia – Book cataloging software – versions for dvds, cds, games, and more.
  21. Delicious Library 3 – Pool resources by sharing your collection with friends. Borrow items you want, loan items out. Also generates smart recommendations based on your collector profile.
  22. iDatabase – Personal database manager for Mac.
  23. Libib – Cloud cataloging app and site for books movies, music, and video games. Has free and paid versions.
  24. Personal Informatics – A huge compilation of tracking and informatics tools, ranging from online, desktop and mobile tools.
  25. Quantified Self – The site’s goal is to gather and organize the world’s collective self-tracking resources in one place, in a way that is useful for self-tracking experts and beginners who are just starting out.
  26. Send to Kindle – Send to Kindle is a Chrome browser extension for Kindle owners who prefer reading web content on their devices.