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25 Book Stories on 25 Countries – Each Book for Each Country Part #1

In this compilation, find 25 books that tell stories on 25 countries. Some of these books will be, more of than not, written by an author from the country itself, or someone who has spent a huge amount of time in that particular country. Be prepared for intricate details of the country in these books, getting acquainted and be closer you’ve never been before. Perhaps if you’ve plans on visiting these countries in the future, some of these books will definitely add some great insights on what to do and expect. If you’ve been to these countries before, then perhaps it’ll be more of a nostalgic moment.

Don’t treat this as a travel compilation but more of a novel-based collection from different countries, or probably a get-to-know angle from a fictional and non-fictional aspect of it. Learn more of a country through certain specific events that have happened in the past which were recorded in words by the author. Do enjoy this compilation and share your thoughts through the comment section below. This is Part 1 out of 6 of “Book on Country” compilations. Stay tuned for the rest of the videos in this series. We hope you enjoy this compilation, and don’t forget to visit and subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

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