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23 Sites and Apps to Find What to Read Next Based on Popular Recommendations and Databases

23 Sites and Apps to Find What to Read Next Based on Popular Recommendations and Databases

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t even have the slightest idea what to read next especially after going through literally the best adventure among magical words? Or perhaps you’ve taken the much needed rest and is completely ready to move on with the next conquest. Is there a similar book that I can jump into? Similar storyline, with the rich and great depths of character development? Or are there any continution of this particular story that you’re so fond of? Or you’re just bored and just simply exploring any other titles which a lot others are having fun with? I’m pretty sure all of us have or are going through such process regardless whether we’re new readers or have been reading for a long time.

This compilation brings us 23 sites and apps that will guide and aid you in such discovery. A plethora of methods can be found among these sites, from a simply input to generate similar suggestions, to various pool of ideas from geniuses and well-known individuals. Stop worrying and let all of them to carry your burden of identifying your next book that will carry you towards you next adventure. Happy exploring and hope you’ll find the next best book to read!

23 Sites and Apps to Find What to Read Next Based on Popular Recommendations and Database

  1. BookiciousBook recommendations from founders & makers.
  2. BookAuthorityThe most recommended books on business, technology and science.
  3. Four Hour Book Club300+ Books recommended on the Tim Ferriss Show.
  4. Highly RecoBook recommendations by awesome people.
  5. BookceleratorA curated directory of books that will make you smarter.
  6. Read This TwiceVerified book recommendations from people we look up to.
  7. WisebooksFree database of books recommended by smart people.
  8. 100 Million BooksDiscover a new book every time you open a new tab.
  9. ShelfTaughtCrowdsourcing wisdom through book recommendations.
  10. IHBOOKSA curated list of +160 books recommended by Indie Hackers. Learn about startups, business and reviews.
  11. TopTrendBooksThey rank over 15,000 books everyday based on Reddit.
  12. ReadingstashTinder for books.
  13. BooknshelfKeep track of all your books online. Search for books or discover from their curated topics.
  14. PuzzleskillBook recommendations from industry leaders.
  15. YourshelfRead any book you want with a fixed budget.
  16. The Book SeerEnter a recently read book & the seer gives recommendations.
  17. Design Book ClubRead a book-a-month with hundreds of designers.
  18. NovellicApp for discovering, joining, and managing book clubs.
  19. PostepicDiscover new books from a library of quotable passages.
  20. One Random BookGives readers the opportunity to have a new, randomly selected book delivered to your door.
  21. What should I read next ?Enter a book you like and the site will analyse their huge database of real readers’ favorite books to provide book recommendations and suggestions for what to read next.
  22. LitsyBook-focused social community to share reviews, quotes and to discover your favorite books with your favorite people.
  23. WikiMentionsDiscover books and people mentioned by prominent people.