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21 Web 2.0 Book Sites to Explore

21 Web 2.0 Book Sites to Explore
BookJetty is a social utility that connects you with your friends’ bookshelves and checks books’ availability in the libraries. It was started off as the creator’s pet project to solve the problems that were encountered, to log the books from the reading list in a spreadsheet and to frequently check books’ availability in the libraries. For a start, BookJetty links up with only Singapore National Library Board. Now, it connects with more than 300 libraries worldwide from 11 different countries, i.e. US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong, and more. The list still grows based on suggestions from librarians and BookJetty users.
Free for personal use, Wobook allows you to easily create your ebooks (newspaper, albums, drawings, flyers,etc.) in a few clicks and share them by publishing their releases on the web through an interactive 3D book either on your blog, emails, myspace, facebook or any other platforms. Supported type of files for conversion include PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Open Office files and many more. Hosting and storage are also provided. Wobooks can also be formatted and printed on-the-fly in PDF format.
Big Book Search helps you to find items including books, CDs, DVDs, and more, by their high resolution cover images provided by Amazon. All products listed are from Amazon.

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Shelfari introduces readers to a global community of book lovers and encourages them to share their literary inclinations and passions with peers, friends, and total strangers (for now). Shelfari is a gathering place for authors, aspiring authors, publishers, and readers, and has many tools and features to help these groups connect with each other in a fun and engaging way. Its mission is to enhance the experience of reading by connecting readers in meaningful conversations about the published word.

  1. Build virtual bookshelves to express themselves to their friends and to the world
  2. Discover books that are popular in their trusted circles of friends
  3. Influence peers by rating and discussing books online
  4. Discover and learn from people with similar reading tastes
  5. Participate in online book groups to further explore literature and share ideas
  6. Interact with and learn from authors
Founded in February 2008, MahShelf has been built up as a universal platform for discovering and publishing online comics. MahShelf allows every kind of comic, manga and graphic book to be enjoyed comfortably in digital format. No more dragging load time or bloated application. Just fast, easy, continuous reading flow. Join the community at MahShelf and create your own library, explore and share reading taste with friends and family, or even publish your own digital comics.
Bookgoo allows you to upload, annotate, and collaborate with your offline documents in an online way. Putting your documents on our website is only part of the story. Bookgoo also allows your documents to be highlighted and annotated in the same way you would mark up a piece of paper with a highlighter and pen. Moreover, Bookgoo allows you to then share your annotated documents with friends, colleagues, professors,etc. In turn, the people you share your documents with can highlight and annotate your document as well and provide comments on your annotations. Bookgoo facilitates the conversation on the document. Supported file types are MS Word, MS Excel, Url, PDF, HTML, GIF & JPG. More formats are on the works so keep checking on their site for more updates.
Lookybook allows you to look at picture books in their entirety – from cover to cover, at your own pace. Every book can be reviewed, rated, shared and put on your Bookshelf. The Bookshelf is a place where you can collect and share your favorite books with members of LookyBook’s community. Whenever you look at a book, LookyBook will provide a collection of other relevant books that you might enjoy at the left of the page. This way you can be sure you’ll discover books that you never knew existed.
Foodari is a food social network – Start storing all of your recipes from anywhere to one place, and share recipes and ideas with other foodies across the world.
Protagonize is a creative writing community dedicated to writing various forms of collaborative, interactive fiction. One author writes a story, and others post branches or chapters to it in different directions. The result is an organic, evolving story where everyone can participate.
A powerful photo album software, you can create your own photo book quick and easy. Seamless integrated with Photobucket, the new Albelli tool gives Photobucket’s nearly 40 million users a feature-rich tool with all of the benefits of a desktop application while maintaining the ease and speed of a web application.
Tikatok is a community for children to write illustrate and publish a real book. With Tikatok, becoming a published author is easy. Just write a story, illustrate it and order as many copies as you want. Tikatok features a suite of free teacher tools and has seen over 1000 teachers register to run bookmaking projects in their classrooms.
WEbook is a revolutionary online book publishing company and the home of groundbreaking User-Generated Books. is also a place for lively writing groups, groundbreaking titles, and a chance for an engaged and creative community to find unrecognized talent and select the very best written works for publication as books, eBooks, and Audiobooks.
BookMooch is a community for exchanging used books. BookMooch lets you give away books you no longer need in exchange for books you really want. Every time you give someone a book, you earn a point and can get any book you want from anyone else at BookMooch. Once you’ve read a book, you can keep it forever or put it back into BookMooch for someone else, as you wish.
LiveBook is a book (to be more precise, two different books) written by the communities of the Facebook and Bebo networks. Each book has its own hero – a girl, Helen, who recently entered the Facebook network and a fellow Brian, who registered in Bebo. The books are written entirely by the community – each Facebook or Bebo user is free to propose their versions for the course of events in the life of the corresponding hero. matches readers to books through an analysis of writing styles, similar to the way that matches music lovers to new music. Do you like Stephen King’s It, but thought it was too long? BookLamp allows you to find books with a similar level of tone, tense, perspective, action, description, and dialog – while at the same time allowing you to specify details like half the length.
Issuu is the place for online publications: Magazines, documents, and stuff you’d normally find on print. It’s the place where you become the publisher. Upload a document, it’s fast, easy, and totally free. Within seconds you’ll have a super cool online magazine you can post anywhere on the web and share instantly with your friends.
ComicScout keeps track of your favorite comic book creators. Every week you can see which of their books are shipping. Once a week, ComicScout provides a list of comics made by your favorites (your Pull List). You can even get your Pull List as an RSS feed.
22books is dedicated to the creating, sharing, and viewing of book lists. Lists of author’s books, award lists, books you want to read, etc. Open a free account and start creating lists of your own. Future plans for the site include the ability to blog your lists, share lists with friends, and much more.
Booktagger is an online bookshelf application to list the books you’ve read and to share them with others. Discover books to read by browsing others’ bookshelves, list the books you’ve read and want to read and much more. Each Booktagger profile is a graphical representation of your physical bookshelf on the internet which can then be shared with friends, family and others searching for the next good read.
VuFind is a library resource portal designed and developed for libraries by libraries. The goal of VuFind is to enable your users to search and browse through all of your library’s resources by replacing the traditional OPAC to include:

  • Catalog Records
  • Digital Library Items
  • Institutional Repository
  • Institutional Bibliography
  • Other Library Collections and Resources
Mixbook allows you to create books with your friends and family about memorable events, the everyday moments and all the things that are important in your life. You can collaborate with others to design custom books that Mixbook will print and ship right to your door – for you to keep or to give as a gift. Mixbooks can be shared online or as coffee-table quality printed books.

And that’s it. I hope you enjoy the long list and if I’ve misse out any obvious ones, feel free tp leave your comments. Cheers!