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21 Sites With Free Origami Ebooks

21 Sites With Free Origami Ebooks

“When you fold a piece of paper, your essentially changing the memory of that piece” – Eric Demaine

“Creative Origami with free expression, which I admire the most, begins by working with limitless lines and results in the production of the most beautiful figures which match a given theme.” – Akira Yoshizawa

These free ebooks include:-

  1. (Online reading only) [View / Download]
  2. Reference Fold (PDF) [View / Download]
  3. (Video) [View / Download]
  4. (PDF) [View / Download]
  5. (PDF, EPUB, Online viewing) [View / Download]
  6. (PDF) [View / Download]
  7. (PDF) [View / Download]
  8. (Online reading only) [View / Download]
  9. (Online reading only) [View / Download]
  10. (PDF) [View / Download]
  11. (Online reading only) [View / Download]
  12. (Printable papers for origami) (PDF) [View / Download]
  13. (PDF) [View / Download]
  14. (Papercrafting) (PDF, Online viewing) [View / Download]
  15. (Online reading only) [View / Download]
  16. (PDF, Video) [View / Download]
  17. (Napkin Folds) (Online reading only) [View / Download]
  18. (PDF) [View / Download]
  19. (Online reading only) [View / Download]
  20. (Various formats) [View / Download]
  21. (PDF) [View / Download]

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My name is John Eye and I’m obssessed with ebooks, loves to procrastinate, a bookworm and one that loves to share with the world what free ebooks have to offer.

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