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Month: April 2021

44 Sites with Hundreds of Free Short Stories

Here are 44 Sites with Hundreds of Free Short Stories to help you get back into the reading groove, whether you have a short attention span or are just searching for a palate cleanser while in between longer novels or book series. Most of them are highly addictive. Many are very short and the majority of these can be read directly from your phone.

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Top 10 Favourite Book Collections: A Reading List Treasure for Those Who Are Searching What to Read Next – Part 3

Everyone has their own personal top list of favourite books. Some of them are the very inspiration from which this entire list have sprung up from. This post is a reading list, sharing the best books to read in various categories based on many hours of reading and research by the wonderful Redditors. You’ll find hundreds of good books to read, organized by category.

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156 of the Most Expensive Books and Manuscripts In The World – Over 13 Centuries

This is a collection of printed books, manuscripts, letters, music scores, comic books, maps, and other documents that have sold for over $1 million in the United States. From a 7th-century Quran leaf palimpsest and an early 8th-century St Cuthbert Gospel to a 21st-century holograph manuscript of J. K. Rowling’s The Tales of Beedle the Bard, the books span generations.

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