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Month: April 2018

Over 6,000 Free Historical Children’s Books

In this collection you’ll find over 6,000 free historical children’s books from plethora of publishers, with a majority of them in English, and very few in German, French and Spanish. Publication year ranges as early as in the 1800s touching Juvenile Fictions, Novels, Juvenile Literatures, Non-Fictions, Children’s Stories / Poetries and Poetries.

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25 Baen Cds with Full of Free Ebooks

These CDs are generally available bound into the first edition of the books they are titled for. A few of the CDs (those marked with the P prefix) are not bound in any book and were made available as publishing industry promotional material. Baen allows these CDs to be distributed not simply to provide free electronic copies of their books, but to generate sales for those same books.

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Practical Data Dictionary

Practical Data Dictionary is a free 54 pages handbook, which unifies the most used data expressions and places them within a clear framework. It gives you a lot of examples and case studies, and explains why, how and what you should do, when you are dealing with data.

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