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Month: February 2017

Cherry Smack

Life is short. Jimmy’s life may prove shorter. His gang mates have grown up and shipped out, and the nine to five is grinding Jimmy into a person he no longer recognizes. There has to be more to existence than waking up every Saturday with a half-eaten kebab and empty wallet. The wide blue skies of America sing a siren’s song, and Jimmy decides he’s ready to give life a do-over—even if it means leaving his childhood sweetheart Kelly behind.

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39 Mind Blowing One Sit Books

We’ve listed down 39 of the most popular and highly recommended books that you can read in one sitting. That still depends on a lot of factors, but the it’s definitely and highly doable. This list has been curated from a Reddit’s post and we encourage you to share your thoughts on this if you know other books which we’ve missed out.

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