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20 Collections of Free Bedtime & Inspirational Stories for Kids

20 Collections of Free Bedtime & Inspirational Stories for Kids

Bedtime stories are a perfect opportunity to instill your values into your children, maybe the single greatest opportunity you’ll ever have. It can have educational values as well as enhancing the contact between parent and child. Children love routine and repetition. Telling them the same story over and over again provides familiarity and comfort. It is a great way to build a relationship with your child.

Reading to your children every day is extremely important not only for their literacy skills but for their overall development. While it isn’t always possible for many parents to spend hours reading with their children, a quick story or two before bedtime can still have a great impact. Reading with your child shouldn’t stop once they become independent readers. Children as old as eleven show academic growth when they read with a parent. Reading with the parent in the upper grades provides opportunities to discover different genres, develop vocabulary, and increase the desire to read for enjoyment purposes.

Over 20 collections of free bedtime stories from different angles are posted here. They are basically captured screenshots of short stories which you can use for your story-telling sessions, and expect to find from 6 to 10 short stories for each collection. Have a good bonding time with your kids!


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20 Collections of Free Bedtime & Inspirational Stories for Kids

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